From Page To Screen: Upcoming Film And TV Adaptations

Readers who also love to go to the movies or curl up in front of the TV have several reasons to cheer. Recently there has been a surplus of news about upcoming projects that will adapt favorite reads into movies and TV shows — and in some cases, the process will go in the opposite direction. Find out which of these adaptations are making our TBS (To Be Seen) List and find out which upcoming television series re-boots have us anxious for more news!


When it comes to news about upcoming romance novels making their way to screen, this month it’s news about two novels authored by men that have caught our attention.

Nicholas Sparks’ adaptations just keep on coming, this April the adaptation of The Lucky One comes to theaters starring the positively delectable (if slightly young) Zac Efron. And we know that Safe Haven is currently in the works. However, Sparks' 2011 novel The Best of Me has also been purchased by Warner Brothers. (And talk about being an early bird, this company bought the rights before the book has even been written!) The story starts in 1984 when a pair of high school sweethearts, from opposite sides of the tracks, are torn apart by circumstances outside of their control. But now, back in town for a funeral, will this couple rekindle the fire they used to have? According to J. Mills Goodloe, who worked on 2007’s Pride and 2002’s A Gentlemen’s Game is set to adapt the project.

The second book to movie adaptation from a man is by an unknown author, Stephen Kiernan’s debut tale The Curiosity, has been acquired by 20th Century Fox. His novel is one part romance and one part scientific thriller. It follows a man who was cryogenically frozen 100 years ago, and “thaws” to life in modern America where he quickly becomes a curiosity. As he tries to navigate his new life in the media spotlight and the controversy he’s caused with the religious conservatives, that’s not the only thing filling up this man’s free time. He also begins a relationship with a beautiful young scientist who is from this century. 


We were thrilled to learn that New Line Cinema is looking at the talented Will Ferrell to play the part of the titular Dad in the upcoming adaptation of Crazy U: One Dad’s Crash Course in Getting His Kid into College. We saw Ferrell go back to college for Old School in 2003 and then that same year struggle with a father-son relationship in Elf and be a neurotic dad to a soccer-playing youngster in Kicking & Screaming,  so we’re sure that he can take on this role with flying colors. In Andrew Ferguson’s tale a father does whatever it takes to try to help his boy get into the college of his dreams — even if it means turning his own life into a nightmare!


We told you that Terry BrooksMagic Kingdom For Sale — Sold! was making its way towards the big screen back in February. However, there are new details about the project coming out of their camp. The project has recently lost its director, Stephen Sommers, but that doesn’t mean that the news is all bad for this would-be movie. Quite the opposite in fact, the upcoming film boasts a script from one of the Lost writers, Craig Wright. Steve Carell has also signed on to play Ben Holiday, the man who buys the magic kingdom mentioned in the story’s title. According to, it looks like viewers can expect this story to be family-friendly and a return to Carell’s more mainstream projects.


The third Dan Brown book following the author’s breakout novel, The Da Vinci Code, looks like it will be headed to theaters. The Lost Symbol project seemed to possibly be in jeopardy when John Calley passed away and Ron Howard, who had directed 2009’s Angels & Demons and 2006’s The Da Vinci Code, opted not to continue with the franchise. But according to, there are rumors swirling that Mark Romanek may step up to direct the series third. Additionally, the script will get another look from Danny Strong, he joins Steven Knight and the author, Dan Brown, who have both previously worked on the project. (We are still waiting for confirmation that Tom Hanks will be rebooting his role as hero Robert Langdon.)

Some of the most exciting mystery news is actually coming out of the TV-world this month as we deliver news about adaptations of both Gregg Hurwitz’s and Karin Slaughter’s series.

Hurwitz’s Tick Rackley series will potentially be on TNT soon. The author is working with executive producer Shawn Ryan to turn Hurwitz’s upstanding Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Rackley, into a beloved TV lawman. It seems like the network might be a good fit for the channel that already houses Rizzoli & Isles and The Closer, but only one crime show that speaks to a predominantly male audience, the procedural, Southland. So who would we tap to play this man’s man law agent? Unfortunately Tom Selleck has aged out of the running, but maybe action star Paul Walker or James Lafferty, previously from One Tree Hill will take the reins.

And this next bit of TV news is sure to make your suspense-loving heart beat a bit faster in anticipation: Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series is coming to the small screen! Slaughter will co-write the pilot but we’re already sure that this six-book series is in good hands. Entertainment One and Philler/Segan/Shepard are working together to bring this to viewers, and if their last collaboration, Syfy’s Haven is anything to judge by, readers are in for a real treat. The two companies will be bringing Georgian investigator Sara Linton, to life in all her complicated glory. She works as a pediatrician and a coroner, her ex-husband is the town’s chief of police, and the pair of them has a particularly complicated relationship. On top of all of that, Sara refuses to rest when it looks like a person has died of foul play. We’re seeing shades of NCIS meets Body of Proof for this upcoming TV series.


Downton Abbey fans take note, lady Sybil aka actress Jessica Brown Findlay, has just signed on to play the heroine of Mark Helprin’s A Winter’s Tale in the adaptation that is being scripted by Akiva Goldsman. (Goldsman won an Oscar for his work on A Beautiful Mind, so we’re looking forward to seeing him take on this 1983 tale.) The actress will play the part of a terminally ill woman who falls head over heals for a thief who tries to steal from her. Slated to join Jessica Brown Findlay on screen as supporting characters are Russell Crowe and perhaps Will Smith. Meanwhile, there are two men in competition for the thief’s role, Aaron Johnson and Garret Hedlund. As this story takes place split between historical and modern day Manhattan, we feel like this project can’t come to fruition quickly enough.


John Green’s latest novel The Fault in Our Stars is an emotionally-wrenching journey that had our reviewer, who gave the January 2012 novel an RT Top Pick!, saying, “Green is unflinchingly honest, bitterly real and as witty as ever … Make sure you have a box of tissues and a few hours handy to curl up and read this unusual literary take on adolescence!” So we were thrilled to learn that this story about two teens who meet and fall in love at their kids-with-cancer support group is in the process to become a major motion picture from Fox 2000 and the producers of the Twilight series, Temple Hill Productions. We expect that this team will channel Nicholas Sparks’ style and opt for creating a truly cry-worthy tale as they adapt this story about love and disease.

We can’t wait for the adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series to be in theaters. This adventure — about an NYC teen that stumbles onto a group of demon hunters that she isn’t supposed to be able to see — has a positively rabid fan base. We know that The Blind Side’s Lily Collins (fresh from Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts) will be playing heroine Clary Fray. However there have been some changes to the team behind the camera. Director Scott Charles Stewart is out and Harald Zwart is in. (Zwart helmed the reboot of The Karate Kid, so expectations are high.) And according to an announcement from, principal photography is slated to start August 15, which is just a blink away in the movie industry!

Lily Collins isn’t the only teen actress making headlines in movie news. We’ve just learned which young starlet will be landing the role of Carrie in the remake of Stephen King’s famous tale. It will be Chloe Moretz. She may best known for her roles in Kick Ass and Hugo, but Moretz won our hearts for her portrayal of Jack Donaghy’s pint-sized adversary on 30 Rock.

And when it comes to TV news, we’re happy to report the latest from the set of The Carrie Diaries, the adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s young adult novels featuring her popular heroine’s adventures as a teen. We knew that The CW had opted to have their version of Carrie grow up in Manhattan, and had cast AnnaSophia Robb for the part. However, we really got an idea of their vision for the young fashionista when we saw this shot from set:

Just a taste of what is to come, but has us super excited and join us next month when we update readers on the most exciting film and television projects in the works.