From Page to Screen - Upcoming Film and TV Adaptations

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Summer is a great time to catch a movie at the theatre or to get comfy on the couch for some good old TV watching. And while we can’t beat the summer heat with these exciting book-to-screen adaptations yet, our enthusiasm and excitement is unwavering. This month, there were a ton of YA deals announced. Let’s take a look:

Nora Roberts Makes the Move to Screen

In late June, Nora Roberts announced the film rights for her In Death mystery series, which she writes as JD Robb, were optioned by Amber Entertainment. The option is for a feature film, which is in the early stages of development. Learn more about what this means on Nora’s site here.

I’ll Give You the Sun to Light Up Theaters Everywhere

Warner Bros. announced they have acquired the rights to Jandy Nelson’s highly anticipated upcoming YA contemporary novel, I’ll Give You the Sun. Family, loss and art come together in this story about twins who struggle to rebuild their lives and find themselves following a family tragedy. Nelson’s first book, The Sky Is Everywhere, quickly became a reader favorite and has received much critical acclaim. Undoubtedly, I’ll Give You the Sun will be another mesmerizing read.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Comes to Life

With a host of beloved books under her belt, Jenny Han has quickly become a YA superstar and go-to author. Following the release of her recent bestselling title, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Overbrook Entertainment acquired the film rights with Annie Neal set to adapt the novel for the screen.

John Green Continues to Connect

With many Hollywood players scrambling to match the success of recent YA adaptations like The Hunger Games and Divergent, it’s no surprise that the big screen adaption of John Green’s Looking for Alaska is finally gaining traction, especially with the hot success of The Fault in Our Stars. Actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley is attached to adapt the book for the screen. This marks Green’s third book-to-movie deal with a film of his 2008 novel, Paper Towns, currently in development.

The Faeries Are Ready to Play

Shaftesbury Films have acquired TV rights for Lesley Livingston’s Wondrous Strange trilogy. Published in 2009, the series focuses on a teenage actress who discovers she’s a faerie princess and must embrace her new identity to save Earth.

But that’s not all! The adaptation of Melissa Marr’s faerie novel, Wicked Lovely, has gained a second wind thanks to Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop being brought in by West Picture Show Productions to produce and handle effects. The project has been in the works for a few years now, so this is exciting for fans hoping to finally see the book come to life.

I Am Pilgrim Set to Thrill Audiences

Veteran screenwriter Terry Hayes’s debut novel, I Am Pilgrim, is set to grace the big screen now that MGM has secured the rights. The novel stars an exhausted intelligence agent who’s pulled back into the thick of things in order to help save America. The thriller landed on the New York Times Bestseller List and will soon be translated into 20 foreign languages.

Horns Trailer Released

The first trailer for Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe has been released and fans have been going crazy! Based on Joe Hill’s supernatural mystery novel of the same name, Horns tells the tale of Ignatius Perrish, who wakes up one day with horns and special powers. He sets out to find the murderer who raped and killed the love of his life, and to clear his name in the process. Check out the trailer:

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