Paranormal Erotica You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Halloween is over this year, but that doesn't mean things that go bump in the night aren't still lurking between the pages of our favorite erotic romances. From witches to vampires, faeries, and shapeshifters of all sorts, these three fall releases will suit the fancy of anyone craving erotic romance with a supernatural touch.


Blood Fire
by Sharon Page

Meet the creatures: Succubi Lady Octavia Grenville and vampire Matthew, Earl of Sutcliffe

Why they sizzle: Lady Octavia is determined to loose her virginity, but little does she know she's a succubi that needs sexual energy to survive. Recently turned vampire Matthew is happy to help Octavia satisfy her urges and Octavia loves having him as her plaything, but nothing more. When Matthew starts to fall in love, he must risk everything to win this woman's heart.


by Crystal Jordan

Meet the creatures: A variety of animals including a fox-shifter, a leopard-shifter and eagle-shifter inhabit this collection of two novellas

Why they sizzle: In “Hunting Temptation,” Fox-shifter Gea meets her mate in leopard-shifter Quilliam North. But when spook Kienan Vaughn comes to town, Quilliam realizes that Kienan has his eye on Gea. Can the trio make this threesome work? In "Reclaiming Temptation," when half-cheetah shifter Felicia Tamryn tried to con eagle-shifter Constantine Breckenridge, she doesn't expect him to be the only shifter who can save her and her sister from a dangerous gangster.


by Sophie Oak

Meet the creatures: The Unseelie Fae

Why they sizzle: Fae prince brothers Lach and Shim McIver have always known they were destined to bond with Bronwyn Finn, but with a tyrannical ruler threatening their kingdom, the princes can't claim their rightful throne. Determined to reunite the two halves of their soul by bonding with Bronwyn, the brothers will do whatever it takes to find their mate and return their kingdom back to its proper order.


Curious about any of these reads? They're all available in stores and online now! Which erotic paranormal read is your all-time favorite? Let us know in the comments! And for more steamy romance visit our Everything Erotica Page!