Paranormal Month: Bring Your Favorite Fictional Character To Life — With Giveaway!

There's no denying it, Halloween is right around the corner — and costume planning is heavily underway here are RT. So as gear up for one of the web team's favorite holidays, here is a peek at the costumes we are planning that were inspired by some of our favorite fictional characters. 

RT's Whitney says, "I'm looking forward to creating my own mash-up this season, vampire Scarlet O'Hara. Hello hoop skirt, hello obligatory parasol, hello vampire fangs. I can't wait to take this year's costume out onto the streets of New York City!"

RT's Elisa also plans to be kicking it old school but in a very different way. "I am going to be dressing up as Cthulu, the mythical being that's like a cross between a dragon, Godzilla and an octopus. I think the best explanation for him is that he's basically the scariest creature around. He's got wings, killer talons and some seriously crazy face-tentacles. To bring this monster to life, I'm dying a mop head green and wearing it around my face. Add to that some all green clothes and giant rubber wings and I'm set. People will know who I am ... in the right circles." 

Morgan is going for something a little more low-key and wants us to point out that hey, she's got a baby to take care of, so she's not going to go all-out like she usually does. Instead, this will be the year of the simple costume. "I'm going to channel Mira Grant's terrifying yet awesome Newsflesh series as the inspiration for my costume. I'm a bit torn on which of these three anti-zombie tees to get, but I'll probably settle on the first one because, lets face it, I would trip you if zombies were chasing us!" 


GIVEAWAY ALERT: In honor of Paranormal Month on the RT site, we are giving away a giant paranormal prize pack with new books added to the giveaway daily. To enter, leave a comment telling us what fictional paranormal character you'd be for Halloween. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 31.