Paranormal Playground: Werewolf in Denver

All the world’s a playground for paranormals, and we’re shedding some light on the settings that the otherworldly call home. At first glance, Denver seems like your normal, everyday American city. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes in Denver. In fact, this month this city will be hosting WERECON2012.  

With us today is blogger/werewolf/activist and Colorado native Kate Stillman from Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Werewolf in Denver. She’s designed a pre-conference event that attendees of WERECON2012 are sure to enjoy — or if you’re just visiting Denver on your own, she’s highlighted some landmarks that will scare up some hauntingly good times. Care to find out where the werewolves get their howl on in the Mile-High City? Read on as we turn this blog post over to Kate and she reveals all the jumping paranormal hotspots:

THE RIGHT TO HOWL: The Official Blog of H.O.W.L.* founder Kate Stillman

For all of you heading to Denver for WERECON2012, the first-ever gathering of werewolf pack representatives from all over the globe, the Stillman pack is adding a pre-conference event you won’t want to miss!

As hosts of this historic event, the Stillman pack members, especially my grandmother Elizabeth and I, are striving to make your visit comfortable and productive. But we want you to have a little fun, too, especially if you’ve never visited Denver. And what could be more appropriate for the month of October than a Ghost Hunting Tour?

Yes, yes, I realize not all of you believe in ghosts. But remember, there are some humans who don’t believe in werewolves, either, LOL. So if you’re getting into Denver a few days early, set aside your inner skeptic and sign up for this reasonably priced excursion, which will be personally led by moi.

Please note that both Howlers and Woofers are welcome to join the tour. We’ll put aside our political affiliations for a few hours and just have a ghostly good outing. For those of you who really want to get into the spirit of things (I crack myself up) we’ll have several electromagnetic field (EMF) gizmos for you to play with. Yep, just like ones you’ve seen on TV!

Confession time — I didn’t really believe in ghosts, myself, until last Halloween when I went on a private ghost tour of the famed Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. The tour guide gave me an EMF meter to hold, and when it went off, I screamed like a girl! Okay, I am a girl, but you know what I’m saying. It freaked me out.

We’ll begin the tour at 1 p.m. sharp here at the historic Stillman Lodge, which was built in 1905. Some claim it has a few ghosts of its own. My grandmother swears she’s seen the ghost of my grandfather riding the elevator, and our chef says that a certain famous guest from years gone by, one Teddy Roosevelt, to be precise, sneaks into the kitchen late at night looking for a snack.

After exploring our conference hotel, we’ll board a van, or two vans if enough of you raise your hands, and travel into downtown Denver. I’ll show you where I detected a ghost in the Brown Palace Hotel, which also serves a wonderful afternoon tea, FYI. If any of you choose to leave the tour at that point and have tea, we’ll arrange to pick you up later.

Our next stop will be the Croke Patterson Mansion, built in 1890. It’s an office building now, but the place is said to be so chock-a-block with ghosts that I wouldn’t want to work there! Next we’ll go to the Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s oldest restaurant. We’ll eat an early dinner — they do a great job with rare steak — and we’ll be on the lookout for ghosts of miners, traders, and cowboys from Denver’s colorful past.

Following dinner, when it’s getting dark and spooky, we’ll head on over to Chessman Park. Better have your EMF meters out and turned on, because this park was once a cemetery. When the city transformed it into a park, they didn’t bother to remove the bodies. It’s said there may be as many as two thousand still buried there. Are you scared, yet? I am!

We’ll wander around Chessman Park until you’re all shivering with fright and ready for a hot toddy. Then we’ll drive back to Stillman Lodge, pile into the bar, and tell ghost stories. Are you in? If so, email me — Kate@WERECON2012.COM or send me a message on Sniffer. My Sniffer handle is @KateStillman. I hope lots of you will come. There’s safety in numbers!

*Honoring Our Werewolf Legacy (H.O.W.L.) is a registered trademark and cannot be used without permission.

We are so impressed by Kate’s itinerary that we’re considering hiring her to put together a haunted Kansas City tour for next year’s RT Booklovers Convention. But before we do, we're out to pick up our own copy of Werewolf in Denver and suggest you do the same! Do you have any Denver tips you’d like to add? Share them with us in the comment section.