Paranormal Young Adult Series Starters On Our Radar

Launching this month are several great YA series. The three we are highlighting today are all thrilling paranormal reads that pit teen protagonists against life-changing (and many times life-threatening) obstacles. Looking for some new Young Adult reads to add to your TBR pile? Then read on to learn more about the dark, disturbing yet highly entertaining worlds you will want to visit next!



Black City by Elizabeth Richards 

Series: Black City

The Series Starter: Black City introduces the conflict between humans and Darklings. After a devastating war, the two groups are kept apart by walls. But these physical impediments can’t stop two teens from different backgrounds from forming a bond. The walls also do nothing to keep out the unrest that is growing and threatening more violence, especially against those that go against society’s conventions.

The Characters: Half-Darkling/half-human, Ash Fisher doesn’t fit in either world. But this changes when human Natalie Buchannan enters his life and her love begins to literally transform him. However, if their relationship is discovered, it will mean certain death for both teens.  

What’s Next: Phoenix, the second book in the series, will be released June 4, 2013. Picking up where Black City left off, our star crossed lovers are once again tested as Ash is asked to sacrifice the Darklings to save Natalie. And fans of the series have something else to look forward to. In October Screen Gems preemptively purchased the film rights to Richards’ series. So it may only be a matter of time before Black City is up on the big screen!



Ashes of Twilight by Kassy Tayler

Series: Ashes of Twilight

Series Starter: When a comet was found to be on course to hit Earth, scientists in the mid-nineteenth century built a domed underground city. Ashes of Twilight begins 200 years after the event and humanity is once again at risk when the Dome's fuel runs low.

The Character: After hearing from a runaway friend that the sky outside the Dome is blue, and living topside is possible, Wren MacAvoy must decide to accept what she has been taught or find the strength to break free of the underground.

What’s Next: Book 2 in this trilogy, Shadows of Glass, will be released July 23, 2013. While there is no official blurb for the story, the book cover shows Wren looking out to airships so we know to “gear” up for some more steampunk action!



Touched by Corrine Jackson

Series: Sense Thieves

Series Starter: What would you do if you were blessed with being able to heal others? Would you seek out the injured and ill to do good? Now imagine that by touching others you took away their pain, but the hurt transferred to you. Would you be so willing to touch the next person in need of healing?  

The Characters: Remy O’Malley is a Healer and she is glad for these skills since she lives with an abusive stepfather. But taking on others’ injuries, including bruises and broken bones is difficult, so Remy is relieved when she is sent to live with her estranged father. However, her new life puts her in the crosshairs of Asher Blackwell. While he once protected Healers, Asher gave up his gifts in order to become immortal. To become a Protector again, requires him to kill a Healer … someone like Remy.

What’s Next: There are at least two more novels already scheduled in the Sense Thieves series, but so far no word yet on release dates or titles, but you can learn more about the trilogy by watching the book trailer for Touched here and pick up the December issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS for an interview with the author.


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