Part(y)ing Thoughts: RT's 30th Anniversary Ball

Don't ask us to pick our favorite RT Convention, it would be like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. The past 30 years have been filled with many memorable Cons all over the country, from the days of young Fabio to the J.R. Ward peegate incident last year. But this year, we celebrated them all with a fond look back at the authors and stories that helped share romance into the wonderful, wild genre it is today. Kathryn Falk, RT Book Reviews' CEO and Liz Pelletier, Publisher of Entangled Publishing, hosted an unforgettable event. Atendees dressed in their classiest formalwear for an evening of dancing and elegance. Not to mention the several pioneers of romance who joined us as we honored them and their work and celebrated 30 years of fantastic RT Booklovers Conventions, with many more to come!

Attendees donned their best formal attire ...

Including elegant costumes and elaborate gowns

A special tribute was paid to the pioneers of romance, including author Laura Kinsale


Even Larry Kirshbaum, Amazon's Chief of Publishing, showed his love for romance!

It was a beautiful, nostalgic evening. Check back here for more 2013 RT Convention coverage!