Patricia Rice Interview


I loved the latest Patricia Rice novel, The Wicked Wyckerly. It got 4 1/2 stars from RT Reviewer Joan Hammond and I absolutely agree that, using "her distinctive voice [Rice] combines a bit of whimsy, mayhem and a lot of love and laughter in this delicious and highly entertaining read."

After finishing the novel, I still wanted to know more about the making of the story (and the series it starts) so, I went straight to its creator for answers. Patricia Rice talked to me about her inspiration for the series and where she drew on her own experiences to create a different type of historical hero.

I was absolutely captivated by the relationship between Fitz and his daughter Penny, which involved alot of creative parenting. I knew that my first question for Patricia Rice would have to be what she loved best about her new release ...

Whitney Sullivan: Your new release The Wicked Wyckerly kicks off The Rebellious Sons series. What about this new series excites you the most?

Patricia Rice: I am excited about my return to Regency England, but I am also a perverse creature. I love being given an excuse to cause all my heroes grief and give all my heroines fortunes. At the moment, the heroes are all younger sons who have no land or expectations and must make their own way in the world. And the heroines inherit modest fortunes so they can have their hearts’ desires without needing to marry. It was a nice form of torture in this book. I’ll have to see where it leads me in the next ones!

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