P.C. Cast, Kresley Cole, Kim Harrison & Larissa Ione Talk Shop At The 2014 RT Convention

An image of the panelists

Kim Harrison, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole and P.C. Cast

Three out of four authors at the 2014 RT Convention paranormal romance and urban fantasy author chat are wrapping up a beloved series this year, but fans in attendance didn’t let it dampen the festive atmosphere—especially since the authors provided exciting hints about their upcoming projects. Kim Harrison, P.C. Cast, Larissa Ione and Kresley Cole — four of the biggest names in the paranormal and romance and urban fantasy arenas—regaled the crowd with tales about their favorite characters and scenes, with plenty of jokes about cannibals, zombies and mutilation. In other words, it was just another day at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention.

Kim Harrison, Larissa Ione and P.C. Cast kicked off the panel by confirming what many fans already know and lament—that their long-running series are soon coming to an end. First, Kim Harrison announced that her popular Hollows series wraps up this September with its 13th book, The Witch With No Name. But later in the chat she provided this tantalizing hint about the final book: “Rachel and Trent, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” (As Hollows fans know, Harrison has been ratcheting up the romantic tension between heroine Rachel Morgan and elf Trenton Kalamack for the past few books.) She also provided some intriguing details on her next project: It’s about a slightly older female heroine, written from the third person point of view. “It’s a twist on what I usually write, and I’m so excited about it,” she added.

Larissa Ione also announced that her Delmonica/Lords of Deliverance series is coming to an end. “It was time,” she noted. “I didn’t want to keep adding new characters and I didn’t want to keep adding new sequel bait,” she explained. However, Ione fans can still get their fix thank to two new Syndey Croft novellas coming out this year. (Ione writes as paranormal erotica under the pen name Sydney Croft with collaboration partner Stephanie Tyler.) Lastly, P.C. Cast confirmed to many sad sighs that Redeemed, which hits shelves this October, will be the 12th and final book in the House of Night series.

Thankfully for the Kresley Cole fans in attendance, however, the author revealed she has no plans to end her popular Immortals After Dark series. There was even more good news for IAD fans: Cole confirmed that Nix, her beloved Valkyrie soothsayer, will indeed star in her own book at some point near the end of the series!

Aside from all of the buzz about series’ finales, the authors dished on their favorite part of the writing process and the difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Both Larissa Ione (who began her career writing horror) and Kresley Cole confessed that they are often reigned in when it comes to adding too many gory details. Or as Cole quipped: “My editor is like, Kresley, enough with the cannibals.”

So, what do you think? Are you sad to say goodbye to Rachel Morgan? How about the House of Night? And the Lords of Deliverance? And can you ever have too many cannibals? For more on the exciting happenings at RT Con, click here