The Perks Of Being A Paranormal Hybrid

Paranormal fiction abounds with unusual creatures, but recently we’ve been seeing heroes and heroines whose lineages push the boundaries of our imaginations. That’s right, we’re ready to declare that it’s the season of hybrids! These characters may have a foot in two worlds (and sometimes more) but still deserve their own happily ever afters. Take a look at which hybrids are making our hearts race this month and find out what we think would be the best — and worst — parts of their puzzling heritage.


Character: Caliban “Cal” Leandros

Heritage: Human and Auphe*

Author: Rob Thurman

Series: Cal Leandros

New Release: Doubletake

*Auphe are murderous fiends that predate humans on the evolutionary chain. They seek to exterminate humans, Cal’s birth was the result of their genetic experimentation.

Heritage Pro: You are the boogeyman’s boogeyman, so there’s not a lot that goes bump in the night that scares you, except your full blooded auphe relatives, of course. And Cal has a nifty ability to rip holes in reality for instantaneous travel, which, despite the killer side effects, might be handy when it comes to avoiding airports.

Heritage Con: Clocking in as half-monster (like monster, monster, like probably-nothing-redeemable-about-you monster) we bet a fair amount of time is spent trying to keep your temper in check. A lifetime supply of anger management classes? No thank you! 


Character: Nix de la Fuente

Heritage: Human and Demon

Author: Cynthia Garner

Series: Warriors of the Rift

New Release: Kiss of the Vampire

Heritage Pro: When it comes to dating, there are several species in the sea, (you aren’t just limited to fish). As a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds; a full human might be wary of dating supernaturals, but a human hybrid knows the motion of the ocean and is ready to dive right in and explore!

Heritage Con: Because many people don’t trust hybrids, filling out a guest list for birthday parties and major events can be a bummer. All alone on Christmas — or whatever important holiday you celebrate — wah wah.


Character: Celia Graves

Heritage: Siren and Vampire

Author: Cat Adams

Series: Blood Singer Series

New Release: The Isis Collar

Heritage Pro: Think of all the free things you could get by mesmerizing people. Need a seat on the subway? By the time you’re done singing, you’ll have the whole car to yourself! And no more standing in line for the bathroom, that’s for sure. (Although there’s some debate about whether Siren/Vampires have to go to the bathroom ...)

Heritage Con: RT’s Whitney says, “As an avid car-singer, I’d be worried about causing accidents and then wanting to eat all the resulting blood. Having road kill seem delicious would be a serious cause for concern!” 


Do you have a favorite paranormal hybrid character? Let us know about it in the comments below. And for more unusual creatures be sure to check out RT’s Everything Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Page!