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Pirate-Themed Love Stories Across The Genres

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us and our craze for these lawless men of the seas continues. We recently brought you stories of some of our favorite historical pirates, and today we’re presenting a whole new whale of a tale: Pirates across all genres! While they may not have patched eyes or wooden legs, these men (and women!) have their own characteristics that make them unique for pirates. Prepare to set sail wit' these amazin' stories 'o high adventure! Arghhhh....

Pirates take to the skies in Meljean Brook’s The Iron Duke, the kickoff to her steampunk Iron Seas series. In the story of a bad-boy-turned-good, former pirate Rhys Trahaearn becomes a national hero after freeing England from the Horde’s control. Now he’s known as the Iron Duke and he’s feared and respected across the land. When a body is unexpectedly dropped onto his doorstep, he teams up with half-Horde Detective Mina Wentworth to investigate — and, in the meantime, decides that she’ll be his next conquest. Adventure, romance and pirates — this steamy steampunk has it all!

But why should men always hold the power? It’s a woman who’s in charge aboard Victoria Jannsen’s erotic historical, The Duke and the Pirate Queen. And she takes what she wants! When Captain Imena Leung discovers that her employer, Duke Maxime, is the target of an assassination plot, she rolls that handsome man up in a carpet and steals him away. This tattooed babe rocks him like a hurricane across the seas until they land on an island where they’re captured not by cannibals, but by sex-crazed natives. What a way to go!

And as Captain Imena, Duke Maxine and the natives strive to see stars, Dake Sureblood, an intergalactic pirate, sails among them. In Susan Grant’s Sureblood, a futuristic urban fantasy, the galaxy is divided into rival clans. Dake is now the leader of one such clan, and he dreams of uniting the factions. When he comes to the aid of a rival’s daughter, their undeniable attraction burns as hot as the sun. But with all the underhanded double dealing and treachery in their universe, this clan leader is going to have to fight for all that he wants ... and that must certainly includes the lovely Valeeya Blue.

But when you see one pirate in the sky, they’re are usually others. Dake’s not the only Han Solo. In Enemy Within by Marcella Burnard, Captain Alexandria “Ari” Idylle finds herself a very wanted woman after her abduction by the Chekydran. After her release, no one believes that she hasn’t been compromised, and she’s soon scooped up by the pirate captain Cullin Seaghdh. And he may be all that stands between her and those who want to see her dead ....

Speaking of Most Wanted Lists, pirates are usually on them. Raine Benares, the heroine for which Lisa Shearin’s fantasy series gets its name, comes from a long line of pirates. But she’s more of a seeker than a taker as she uses her magical skills to find things — and people — that are lost. But in all six books, the first of which is Magic Lost, Trouble Found, Raine’s family connections can sometimes come in handy. Or not. That’s the trouble with pirates.

And sometimes it takes a man who acts like a pirate, but really isn’t, to defeat other men who would rule the seas. In Katherine Garbera’s contemporary romantic supsense The Pirate, a humanitarian group is overcome when Somali pirates capture their ship. Luckily they were piloted by ex-Navy SEAL J.P. Lazarus and he’s no man’s victim. He’ll see them all to safety or die trying, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the newly divorced ex-senator’s wife, Daphne Barrett. To her, Lazarus is just as much a pirate since he steals her heart.

Have you had enough of pirates yet? We didn’t think so. Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite pirate title!