Places to Submit Your Manuscript: July 2014

You’ve written a book - congratulations! But if you thought that was hard, how about trying to find publishers open to submissions? Lucky for you, we gather open calls each month to help make the submission process a bit easier. This month, we have seven exciting opportunities for you and your book. Take a look:

Vinspire Publishing - Vinspire Publishing is currently open to submissions for historical romances, Amish romances and romantic suspense. For historical submissions, Vinspire is only looking for Highlander and Regency stories. To learn more about Vinspire Publishing and their submission guidelines, visit them here.

Forever Yours - Forever Yours, an imprint of Hachette, is currently open for romance submissions for all subgenres. So whether you write historicals, paranormals, or erotica, Forever Yours might be for you! But if you write YA, you’re out of luck. They’re looking for novellas and full-length novels, though, and to learn more about what they want to see, click here.

Hearts Desire Press - Like Forever Yours, Hearts Desire Press specializes in adult romance and are currently seeking stories that range from sweet to red hot. And they’re even accepting New Adult submissions! As long as there’s a HEA or a HFN, you’re good to go. For more information, visit their site.

Entangled Publishing - Powerhouse Entangled Publishing recently announced two new YA imprints: Teen Crave and Teen Crush. These imprints will specialize in category romance for teens, introducing classic tropes to a whole new audience. Both imprints are open for submissions and they’re particularly seeking diverse characters and stories. Learn more here!

ImaJinn Books - ImaJinn Books is on the hunt for new and exciting stories that fall under the romance umbrella — subgenres included. They already have a wide spectrum of titles and yours could be the next addition! So if you have a manuscript between 50,000 and 90,000 words, you should take a look at their submission guidelines and see if you’re a good fit.

Boroughs Publishing - Contemporary, YA, multicultural and fantasy are just a few of the romance subgenres Boroughs Publishing represents, which means there’s a pretty good chance your love story will be a great fit. As an e-publisher who accepts both agented and non-agented submissions, Boroughs Publishing is definitely worth a look.

Cleis Press - Cleis Press is preparing a new erotic anthology edited by Rob Rosen. Warlords and Warriors: Gay Erotic Romance and Adventure is set to feature stories with hot pirates, rough Highlanders and other leading men who know their way on and off the battlefield. Cleis and Rosen also want the setting of each story to play an important role and take on a life of its own. For more information, click here.

Did we miss one of your favorite places to submit work? Let us know in the comments below. For more suggestions of establishments that may be a good fit for your manuscript you can check out our Agents List or our Publishers List.