Suzanne Lazear of the popular steampunk blog Steamed! will release a YA in early 2012. Innocent Darkness is a steampunk dark fairytale which features sixteen year old heroine Noli whose life is disrupted when she is told that her death will save the world’s fae population.

The steampunk atmosphere infuses Innocent Darkness. Lazear explains Noli’s world as: “A bit like Victorian America, but in this world hoverboards, airships, flying cars, and incredible steam creations exist side by side with horse drawn carriages, trains, and automobiles. Earthquakes have released large amounts of aether, air pirates fly the skies, and feminism has yet to exist. Faeries are alive, magic is a foot, and most mortals have no idea that their world and the Otherworld are closely intertwined.”

Despite the steampunk world she lives in, Noli has to tackle the same challenges that today’s teens do: friends, school, her parents. Noli and her mother have become “distressed gentry” since her father disappeared. However, Noli has no interest in becoming the “twittering, mindless lady society expects her to be.” Instead she balances her chores with time spent hoverboarding and inventing. But when she ends up at a school for delinquents things take a very unexpected turn …

Innocent Darkness was picked up by the publishing house, Flux. It is the first in a two book deal, so expect a a sequel will follow.

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