The Power Of Love Resonates In September's Harlequin Medical Romances

Love gives medical professionals the strength to overcome emotional challenges in this month's Harlequin Medical Romances. Readers will meet four couples who are stronger together than they ever could be apart — if only they can trust each other enough to take that leap of faith. 

Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached 
By Kate Hardy

Dr. Sydney Collins is both physically and emotionally scarred, and her ex's insensitivity left her hesitant to get involved with another man — even the sexy Italian Dr. Marco Ranieri. It is up to this dashing European doctor to convince Sydney that she is everything he's ever wanted!

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Survival Guide to Dating Your Boss
By Fiona McArthur

In this story Dr. Marcus Bennett and Midwife Tilly McPherson square off on opposite sides of the debate about whether or not home births are safe. Marcus thinks that by making policy changes that outlaw this type of birthing environment, he's just doing his job, protecting women and children; Tilly believes that he is being narrow-minded and that he doesn't understand the truth of the situation. This strong-willed pair can't deny the heat that arcs between them but can they reconcile their differing beliefs long enough to explore the possibility of a relationship?

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Cort Mason—Dr. Delectable
By Carol Marinelli

Senior Emergency Registrar Cort Mason is drawn to nurse Ruby Carmichael at first sight. When their one night stand turns into something more serious, Cort realizes he will eventually have to come clean and tell Ruby about his relationship history. Cort's wife died just last month. Will this secret poison the love Cort and Ruby have found?

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Sheikh Surgeon Claims His Bride
By Josie Metcalfe

Pediatric surgeon Sheikh Zayed Khalil is intrigued by Dr. Emily Livingston as soon as she joins his unit. But as they bond over caring for small children, he learns that Emily is losing her only living family member to cancer. Now the dedicated doctor must convince Emily that she is not alone with her pain, he will always be there for her.

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We hope you enjoy these four tales of doctors and nurses who help their loved ones overcome these difficult times. For more genre coverage head over to our Everything Romance Page!