Pride & Prejudice & Pooches

Listen, when we come across an RT Top Pick! rated book called Unleashing Mr. Darcy, we can’t help but post dog pictures. We work on the Internet. We’re basically contractually obligated. So we were delighted when author Teri Wilson agreed to cast Pride & Prejudice — with dogs. We know, we know. But she did an such awesome job! Check it out:


Fitzwilliam Darcy

Ah, the infamous Mr. Darcy. This was an easy choice. He is an English Foxhound.

Why? First of all, he’s foxy. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Quintessentially English, this breed is known for running in aristocratic circles. He is handsome, distinguished, independent and can be stubborn at times. Rumor has it his good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.


Elizabeth Bennet

I see our heroine as one of the most beloved breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier.

Hailing from Northern England, the Yorkshire Terrier is a big, feisty personality in a small package. The Yorkie is brave, determined and never backs down from a challenge. From humble beginnings as a working class dog used for catching rats (by the name of George Wickham?) the Yorkie eventually became a loving companion for members of high society.


Jane Bennet

Elizabeth’s sweet, demure, loving sister Jane could only be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   

The picture of sweetness, the Cavalier is a trustworthy companion that thrives as part of a family. She is quite adaptable, equally happy curled up on the sofa or dancing not just once, but twice, with Charles Bingley at the Netherfield Ball.


Charles Bingley

The canine spirit of Jane’s affable, blond beau lives on in the Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Everyone loves the Yellow Lab. He is gentle, attractive and eager to please. Unfortunately, his trainability makes it all too easy for Mr. Darcy to convince him of Jane Bennet’s indifference.


Caroline Bingley

Charles’ sister Jane does her utmost to capture the attention of Mr. Darcy. She is fashionable and fancy, much like a Poodle.

But no amount of fluff—or scheming—can tear Mr. Darcy away from Elizabeth Bennet’s fine eyes.


William Collins

Elizabeth’s cousin also has designs on marrying her. He may not ardently love her, but he has a patron in Lady Catherine de Bourgh. And he can’t seem to shut up about it. His longwinded speeches, pomposity and complete and utter cluelessness make him somewhat of a clown. So if the afro wig fits…

All photos from 123RF stock photography.

Amazing, right? We’re staring at our cat now, trying to figure out who she’d be in Austen’s classic. A disapproving dowager, surely. Also, if you were wondering, while there are many dogs in Unleashing Mr. Darcy — which is available now, the hero is very much a man. For more love stories, visit our Everything Romance page!