Due to the increasing number of e-books being published and the growing availability of digital reading devices, readers have been bombarded with stories heralding the death of the printed book. However, according to a recent industry report, the number of traditionally published print books is on the rise. 

Bowker’s Annual Book Production Report cites preliminary findings indicate that print titles have increased by 5% over the past year. This means that in 2010 alone there were over 316,000 new books released. And that’s not even counting the explosion of public-domain reprints and self-published works. 

The one area where the numbers are unclear is in e-books. Because of difficulty with defining and identifying e-titles, it is difficult to get an exact count on these releases. However, Publisher’s Weekly projects that this number is in the six-figure range. 

So no matter how you get your books, if the trend continues, there will be more titles than ever to choose from in the future!

For additional information, see more of Bowker’s findings here.

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