Psychics Prey On Bestselling Author

Bestselling author Jude Deveraux was among those swindled by the Florida-based group of self-proclaimed psychics arrested early last week. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Marks family ran this scheme for over two decades, bilking people of  approximately $40 million since 1991. Victims of the Marks family “psychics” were allegedly told that if they didn’t follow the Marks’ advice, they and their loved ones would be in danger.

It is estimated that Deveraux paid the Marks close to $20 million over the course of several years, and even considered Rose Marks to be a friend. Deveraux lost her adopted son in a motorcycle accident several years ago. However, Marks apparently told Deveraux that the boy was “somewhere between heaven and hell.”  

Prosecutors say that if Rose Marks is convicted of the charges against her, she could spend as many as 27 years behind bars. 

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