Publishing Houses As Halloween Costumes

Yesterday RT's Mala started Tweeting about publishing houses as Halloween costumes, and, really, the possibilities are endless once you start thinking about it. Today I've imagined some publishing houses as Halloween costumes — in case you still haven't decided what you're dressing up as this year (but please, pick a costume more exciting than a publishing house).


1. Random Penguin

What, did you think I was actually going to say "Penguin Random House"? Of course not! The Penguin/Random House merger will always be informally known as Random Penguin. Below are two varieties of penguin costumes (remember, you can be any ol' penguin for maximum randomness) — sexy, and, er ... not as sexy.

Sexy penguin (L) available here, non-sexy penguin (R) available here

2. Harlequin

Listen, clowns are romantic! No? Ok. Well, at least a Harlequin would make a fun costume. You could even really go all out and dress as a Harlequin category/series romance. Even better: a hero/heroine couples costume. The daddy rancher and the school teacher! The billionaire and his secretary! So many possibilities. But for now, we'll just stick with the Harlequin.

Harlequin (L) costume from here, Jester costume (R) from here

3. Scholastic

Clifford the Big Red Dog is pretty much Scholastic's mascot, and dressing as a giant red dog will definitely have you turning some heads. Also, I definitely typed "sexy Clifford costume" into Google search, thinking something would come up. Alas, there are only regular Clifford costumes. A sexy one probably wouldn't be appropriate for a children's publisher, anyway. To make Clifford even more scholarly, you could add a smart pair of glasses and carry a bundle of books!

Adult Clifford costume from here

4. Minotaur

The crime fiction/mystery imprint of Macmillan is an obvious choice for an epic Halloween costume. A minotaur! The best excuse to wear a giant set of horns or bull mask. If you're opting for horns, don't forget the spirit gum.


Full minotaur outfit (L) from here, horns (R) available here.

5. Samhain

Samhain Publishing has the ultimate Halloween name. The harvest festival celebrated on October 31 marks the transition from fall to winter, and is one of the most interesting parts of Irish mythology. According to Irish myth, during Samhain the passage to the Otherworld would open, allowing faeries and the dead to communicate with us. Naturally, a Druid or faerie outfit for Samhain is a must.


Druid mask (L) from here, Druid dress (center) here and faerie costume (R) available here

Have any ideas for a publisher I didn't mention? What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments! I'm going as Sexy Hulk Hogan (what'cha gonna do, brother?).