Q&A With Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules Character Zeke

The end of Julie Kagawa's Young Adult novel The Immortal Rules left readers wondering if they'd ever see hero Zeke again. In a world where vampires reign supreme, Zeke led a group of humans on a quest for the safe haven Eden, while getting involved with human-turned-vampire Allie. The end of book one left readers with countless questions and we're thrilled that the release day for The Eternity Cure is finally here. We had to catch up with Zeke and learn what happened to him after arriving in Eden, and RT reviewer Andye Eppes gets the details in this interview with the character. 


Zeke, the last time we heard from you, Allie had left you in Eden. What are things like there? Is it everything you expected?

Honestly, I didn't know what I was expecting. Eden was just a dream for so long, I didn't have any expectations for what it was really like. I will say that there are no vampires or rabids here, and that people are free to live how they want. The group is finally safe, and happy, and that's enough for me.           

Do you miss Allie?

You have no idea how much.

What was it that drew you to her to begin with? Now that you know what she is, does that change the way you feel about her?

Allie is the bravest person I've ever known. When she was with our group, she wouldn't back down from anything, not even Jeb. I didn't understand then why she kept pushing people away, though I know now it was to protect them, from herself. I wish I realized that earlier.

When I found out she was a vampire...I reacted badly. I forgot everything she did for us, and I said some pretty terrible things. But even after all that, even when I'd threatened to kill her if I saw her again, she came back, saved my life, and helped me get everyone to Eden. And I realized...how wrong I was. If I ever see her again, I'll be sure to tell her.

You have to spend a lot of time fighting for your life, or worried about watching your back. Do you ever get any downtime? If so, what do you do for fun?

I'm being kept pretty busy, making sure the group is okay, helping the scientists here with Jeb's research. I do a little reading if I can, and I've learned how to play pool, but I don't really have a lot of free time. There are still things I need to do.

What are your plans now?

For now, I've agreed to help the scientists with their research for the cure, but after that, and after I make sure the group is taken care of, I'm leaving Eden. No one knows it yet, and they might try to stop me, but I have to go. There's someone I have to bring home.

Have you heard anything about what's happening in the outside world? Have you heard from/about Allie?

Nothing. We're pretty isolated, an island in the middle of nowhere, and we don't have any way of connecting with the outside world. I have no idea what's going on, or what will happen once I leave Eden, but it doesn't matter. She's out there somewhere. That's all I have to know.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

Thanks for talking with me. And for reminding me why I fell for a stubborn vampire girl in the first place.

You can pick up a copy of The Eternity Cure, available in stores and online now! For more captivating YA characters, visit our Everything Young Adult Page.