Rave Reviews For Historical Author Tessa Dare - With Giveaway!


Historical author Tessa Dare is batting six for six. Each of her books has received a RT BOOK REVIEWS Top Pick. So we tracked down Tessa Dare to talk to the author about her writing success. Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY after the blog post!

Dare's books have consistenly been rated higher than four and a half stars, RT-speak for "better than fantastic keepers", every single one of her Regency romances has been one of the must-reads of the month it is released. Dare's skill at pairing what RT BOOK REVIEWS senior reviewer Kathe Robins calls "laugh-out-loud moments" with "romance that charms" has made Dare a name to watch in historical romance.


Robin called Dare's 2009's Goddess Of The Hunt "a daring debut." And the reviewer said of One Dance With A Duke, "Dare’s first book in The Stud Club trilogy enhances her reputation for great stories, three-dimensional characters, passion and poignancy."

Why write Regencies? Dare reveals, "there are so many things I love about writing Regencies, from the clothes and carriages, to the tension between social classes. But I think my favorite part is that I can write characters who think about concepts like 'Honor' and 'Duty' and 'Pride' and 'Justice' without the layer of irony those words often get in modern conversation." (Dare recently contributed to the RT Daily Blog with a post about the best online research sources for aspiring authors and regency enthusiasts.)

Another thing that adds spice to Dare's style? The author incorporates what she loves to read into her writing. "I like humor. I like poignancy. I like sizzling sexual tension that has both a physical and emotional component. So I try my best to include all those elements in my books."




Dare certainly manages to build that sexual tension between her spirited heroines with roguish heroes. Whether they are forced together by the confines of being shipmates, like Sophie and Gray, in Surrender Of A Siren, or they are working together to save their village, like Rhys and Meredith in Twice Tempted By A Rogue, the heat between these characters singe the pages.

Now, readers can look forward to even more regency fun from Dare. The author has just sold a new three book series to Avon. She had this to say of her new series, "In general, I'm proceeding in the same vein - fun, sexy, emotional Regency-set romance ... But I think readers can expect to see some dashing men in uniform."

If her new series is anything like her previous six books, fan mail will pour in. While this praise won't be anything new, Dare stays humble about her large fanbase and says how much they inspire her. Dare is convinced she has the best fans in the world, saying, "I get letters from women who say things like, 'I have five children and my husband is deployed, and I love reading your books. How is it you come up with such fun stories?' And I want to say, 'Are you kidding?  I write books. You are taking care of five children while your husband is deployed in Afghanistan. How do you do THAT?'"


Dare's latest novel to hit shelves is the second in The Stud Club trilogy, Twice Tempted By A Rogue. Robin calls it "a great book that deserves a place on your keeper shelf." And RT BOOK REVIEWS subscribers can already read the review of The Stud Club conclusion, Three Nights With A Scoundrel, which will be released in August.

One last thought from the author? Look for this between the pages: "In every book, I also work in a ripped bodice, or some similar article of clothing.  It's my way of keeping it fun. I figure I have no hope of entertaining a reader if I'm not entertaining myself!"


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