Reaching Out To The Millionaires and Billionaires – RT Is Here To Help

The Wall Street Journal posted an article last week titled “The Billionaire Book Club”  which was all about the summer reading list that J.P. Morgan Private Bank compiles every year for the bank’s rich clients. The list was made up of all nonfiction books that cover a wide range of interests. Need some advice? For you there is Peter Buffett’s Life is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment. Are you an environmentalist? Check out Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth’s Most Precious Resource by Irena Salina. Any foodies out there? A can’t miss is Chef McDang’s The Principles of Thai Cookery.


So what could this list possibly be missing? How about some genre fiction with titles that do not lead to stress induced heart attacks. Honestly, what millionaire wants to come home from a day at empire building to read On The Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System. Don’t they get enough of this at work? My gut says that they would much rather curl up to Nicola Marsh’s Overtime in the Boss’s Bed (she’s a sexy dancer – jobless, homeless, penniless – willing to do anything for work…)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are a lot of captains of industry who are dying to know more about their smartphone and for this audience J.P. Morgan highly recommends Rod McQueen’s page-turner BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research in Motion. But for all of those millionaires, billionaires, CEOs and others who are looking for some fun reading and are just not satisfied with learning more about the best wine vintages since 1900, please read on. Genre fiction will be good for you. I Promise.


Up first is a bit of vicarious adventure. In The Search by Iris Johansen billionaire John Logan is being attacked by an old enemy. When those John loves are threatened, he must fight back.

The second pick is from the Queen of Romance herself, Nora Roberts. In Key of Valor (the third in the Key trilogy and hands down my favorite in the series), ultra-wealthy Brad Vane convinces single mother Zoe McCourt that he is just an average run-of-the-mill, nice-guy-next-door millionaire.

Next up, Susan Elizabeth PhillipsIt Had To Be You, which features the wealthy socialite Phoebe Somerville, the new owner of Chicago Stars football team. For all of the bosses out there that have fantasies about being told what to do by a powerful women, this one’s for you.

And for a little social activism, there is Catherine Coulter’s Wizard’s Daughter. In this historical romance, a beaten street urchin is taken in by a wealthy family and is rewarded with ancient secrets. (See giving back really is worth it!)

And finally, I feel like I should take some time to discuss series romance. It is so ripe with possibilities for reading about rich folk. There are whole imprints at Harlequin dedicated to the wealthy heroes.

One of the most common themes in series romances – the secret baby plot. Now, I’m not sure how many rich men actually have to worry about secret baby plots (one would think if most women got pregnant with a billionaire's baby, she might think about some form of child support) but regardless, if you are rich and worry about secret babies, forewarned is forearmed, so make sure to check out these June titles: The Billionaire Baby Bombshell by Paula Roe and High-Society Secret Baby by Maxine Sullivan.


Are there any themes/books missing from my list? Feel free to add on to this billionaire's summer reading list in the comments.