Reading E-Books For The Environment?

E-books continue to increase in popularity. Here in New York City you can’t step onto the subway without seeing an e-reader. Many of those who read e-books list perks such as their e-readers are lighter to carry, the e-books are often less expensive than traditional books and they are definitely easier to buy — most devices include an option for digital purchasing and delivery of new reads almost simultaneously.

Another popular reason for reading in e-format is that it is better for the environment. Without the waste of such things as obsolete text books, and even as part of the book production process itself, e-books come out the winner in terms of the carbon footprint that they leave behind. In Australia they are going so far as to apply the country’s “Carbon Tax” to the sale of traditional format books. Although the tax is only going to add nine additional cents to the price of each hardcover book, that amount can add up quickly. 

What do you think, should traditional format books be more expensive than e-books?

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