On Saturday authors Amber Benson and Anton Strout held a book signing at Midtown Comics in New York City. It was a natural pairing as they both write urban fantasy for Ace and are great friends. The two authors had a terrific time at the event, laughing and taking photos of each other and fans. They autographed books, fliers, tee shirts and Amber even got to sign some DVDs, videos and headshots. 

Amber, who best known for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Tara, happily embraces her previous role and answered a lot of questions about the Buffy cast. Top inquiries included whether or not Seth Green would be on SNL and if it is possible to get Buffy’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) autograph. To this Amber replied, “Maybe not. She’s illusive, like a unicorn.”

But that's not the case for Amber. She is accessible and fun; treating each fan like a long lost friend with hugs and photos. Fans reciprocated in kind with notes and presents. The eclectic group that gathered just couldn’t wait to tell Amber and Anton how much they loved their books. Those lined up for the event ranged in age from pre-teens to senior citizens and everyone in between.

The authors brought out male and female fans alike with some well-wishers traveling for hours to meet their favorite authors. A New York boy had one of the shortest distances to travel, but he made up for it in excitement. “This is the fifth time I’ve meet Amber and she totally remembered me!”

Among the crowd was also a smattering of paparazzi, making the book signing not so different from when Amber makes appearances for her acting. So how is she handling the transition from actress into author? I was able to speak with Amber’s editor Ginjer Buchanan to ask just that. Ginjer praised Benson saying, “It’s not easy. The dialogue for TV and movies is the most important thing, the connective tissue is done visually, not on the page. So it is difficult to transfer this into prose writing. Not everyone can do it, but Amber has adapted wonderfully.”

So what’s next for the actress/author? Ginjer tells me that there will be a fourth in the Death's Daughter series released next year and then another book after that. Will it continue the series? Ginjer says she’s not sure yet. It could feature Calliope or maybe not. "I know Amber has ideas for something new." But she assures us that either way, we will get books from Amber through 2013. Also, Amber has just completed the audio books for the first three in the series Death’s Daughter, Cat’s Claw and Serpent’s Storm using her own voice for that of Calliope. These unabridged digital-only audio books can be purchased at iTunes, Audible, Amazon and major book chains. 

And we have a special treat for those who missed the event, a signed copy of both authors' newest releases will go to one special reader! 

GIVEAWAY ALERT: One lucky winner will receive a signed set of books from Saturday's event. To win your copy of Anton Strout's Dead Waters and Amber Benson's Serpent's Storm just leave a comment on this post about what you would love best about being immersed in a fantasy tale. Or email your comment here with your US mailing address and the subject line "Anton Strout and Amber Benson's Giveaway". The winners will be announced on March 21st.


BLOG UPDATE 3/21/2011: And the winner is ... QWill

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