Reports from Authors After Dark 2010

As the editors at RT, we spend most of our time at our desks, typing away and answering phones. So when a conference asks us to come hang out — we're there. We love getting out, seeing readers and authors and getting the scoop so that we can report back to you! And that's why we were more than delighted to head to the Authors After Dark conference, hosted by Jacquelyn Frank, and held in Secaucus, New Jersey last week. 

Savvy readers, who knew the answers to Jacquelyn Frank's tough trivia questions, won books.

There were lots of giveaways!

RT buddy and American Title finalist Judi Fennell talked books with author Joey W. Hill and the crowd.

Costumes and high jinks made for a fun time for all. 

We can't wait for next year in Philly!

For more photos of the event click here. And a special thanks to portrait and event photographer Biz Urban for her beautiful pictures of the event.