Reports From The Suzanne Collins Mockingjay Party

RT Senior Editor Elissa Petruzzi and RT Senior Editor & Reviews Coordinator Stephanie Klose report back from the buzz party for author Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series finale, Mockingjay.

Suzanne Collins is kind of a tease.

There! We said it. We feel a little better now.

The diabolical (and diabolically talented) author read the first few pages from her upcoming Hunger Games trilogy ender, Mockingjay, Wednesday night at a Scholastic party in her honor.

That's right.

The first few pages of Mockingjay. And they are good. We can't reveal much more, mostly because we promised not to, but also because we were so entranced all we really recall for sure was looking at each other and mouthing the word "AWESOME" as she finished reading.

The rest of the BEA crowd, who'd traveled downtown to the Scholastic rooftop in Soho, seemed to feel the same way, as excited whispers broke out through the crowd when Collins slyly pulled a few manuscript pages out from her copy of Catching Fire.

"Why, what's this?" she teased before delving into the Mockingjay opener.

(There they are. The first pages of Mockingjay. No we didn't tackle her for them.)

So what CAN we tell you? We sipped some blue cocktails, Mockingjay Spritzers, as we listened, and we were delighted by the waiters wearing District 12 mining hats.

But we won't reveal any more details. We're working on being just like Suzanne. You know, coy.

Elissa Petruzzi & Stephanie Klose