ReShonda Tate Billingsley, A Party Girl? Not Quite

It's okay, admit it, you have an inner wild child. We all do, so no judgement here. For most of us, our wild sides tend to appear during vacations and for younger folks, that tends to be spring break. In ReShonda Tate Billingsley's Rumor Central: Truth or Dare, Maya hopes for a relaxing spring break in Cancun, but with the camera crew tagging along and the kidnapping of one of her former castmates, Maya's vacation is anything but relaxing. Today, ReShonda dishes on her wild side.

Cover of Rumor Central: Truth or Dare I have always been a good girl. In high school, when my friends did wrong, I was doing right. When they were worried about the latest parties and the hottest fashions, I was focused on my grades, reading and being the model child. My close friends pretty much accepted that’s who I was, but when it came time for our senior trip, they’d had enough.

“Look,” my best friend, Kelly, said, sitting me down one evening, “we are about to go to Acapulco for our Spring Break Senior Trip, so you’re going to need to leave ReShonda at home.”

“Huh?” I replied. “I’ve already paid my fee.”

“No,” she continued, “ReShonda has to stay home, but ReRe can go.”

I smiled. I had never let “ReRe” (my crazy altar ego) out of her shell. My friends actually created her because they swore there was an inner wild child in me waiting to get out. Finally, after a lot of persuasion, I decided my friends were right. “ReRe” would be the one going to Acapulco for Spring Break!

The first thing “ReRe” did was buy a two-piece for the trip. Gasp!  That may not seem like anything, but for this conservative prude, it was major. And it was also the pop-top for Pandora’s Box.

As soon as we set foot on the sandy Acapulco beaches, I put my two-piece on and felt  free! “ReRe” was ready to get her party on. I started with the $1 Corona’s, since that’s what everyone else was drinking. But one sip and I knew I couldn’t stomach the nasty taste of beer, especially because it was my first drink ever. My friends decided Tequila was the answer, so they gave me a couple of shots and “ReRe” went wild.

I don’t remember much … only what was later relayed to me by my friends, who found the whole thing hysterical. But somehow, I convinced the bartender that I was Janet Jackson, and even broke out in song to prove it. My girls said that I told the bartender I didn’t sound the same because I’d been drinking. After signing several autographs, I decided to entertain the club by breaking into the full-fledge “Control” dance routine (okay, I watched a lot of videos, so I knew all the moves). The bartender continued supplying us with drinks. I don’t know who paid, but it wasn’t long before my sombrero fell off and I fell flat face onto the bar.

That was my first and last time getting drunk.

By party girl standards, that was probably nothing. But for this honor roll student, that was a wild ride I’d never forget. And while I still believe in letting my hair down from time to time, I do it without liquor because I like being in “Control.” As for “ReRe,” I think she’s still in Aculpuco.

-ReShonda Tate Billingsley

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