Rod Rees On How To Survive The Dangerous Virtual World Of The Demi-Monde

Rod Rees' sci fi debut The Demi-Monde: Winter transports readers to what a RT reviewer calls "a place that is part Matrix, part Star Trek holodeck and highly entertaining", a place known as the Demi-Monde. A virtual space created to train soldiers for combat, this world contains a myriad of secrets, twists and turns, which heroine Ella must navigate in order to save the president's daughter from the dangers that lurk here. Today, the author shares a look at this virtual reality and gives RT readers insight into this world with a piece of original artwork that includes several essentials for surviving the Demi-Monde.

Enlarged View Of "Surviving The Demi-Monde" Infographic >>

Rod Rees Explains the Demi-Monde:

Set in the near future of 2018 the Demi-Monde is the most advanced computer simulation ever devised. Created by the US Military to prepare soldiers – neoFights – for the nightmarish reality of urban warfare, it is a virtual world locked in eternal civil war. Its thirty million digital inhabitants living and dying in the Victorian cyber-slums of this make-believe world, Dupes programmed with a craving for blood and led by some of history’s most vicious tyrants: Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust; Beria, Stalin’s arch executioner; and Aleister Crowley, black magician and "the wickedest man in the whole world". But something has gone badly wrong inside the Demi-Monde, and the US President’s daughter has become trapped in this terrible world. It falls to 18-year old Ella Thomas, black student and sometime jazz-singer, to rescue her, yet once Ella has entered the Demi-Monde she finds that everything is not as it seems, that its cyber-walls are struggling to contain the evil within and that the Real World is in more danger than anyone realizes.

Okay … the Demi-Monde is a virtual dystopia run by some of the biggest badniks from history so the question is what talents would you need to survive there. And to the best advice in this regards comes from Ella Thomas … after all, she has to do just that.

- Rod Rees

Want to see if you could survive The Demi-Monde? Pick up a copy of The Demi-Monde: Winter, which is available now. And for more intriguing worlds stop by our Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy Page!