Romance Advice From Actress Drew Barrymore

With her flowing skirt, hair in braids and quirky grin, Drew Barrymore is the quintessential free spirit Hollywood actress. I was able to spend Tuesday morning with Ms. Barrymore while she was promoting her new film Going the Distance which is about a couple that is trying to make a long distance relationship work. Drew says this movie is a bit of a departure from her usual Rom Com fare because this is a "dude film." With an R rating, crass language and cast of comedians, Drew says you can expect big laughs, but it may be a bit light on the romance for some. However, this did not stop Drew from expounding on what she finds romantic.

"You have to have joy and spontaneity in a relationship," Drew says. "Also, make plans. Even if it is just about when you will call or go on a date that is enough. It's just too hard to function in a relationship if you can't make a plan."

I asked her if she has ever been in a long distance relationship like her character and Drew just laughed. "As an actress, I'm not usually in the same city as the person I'm dating." So how does she deal with the distance? "I am a big letter writer. I love to send them and I love to get them. It is such a romantic, poetic, tangible way to communicate. You can't just send a person a text. This just makes them feel like they are in a phantom relationship."

Despite the fact that Drew's relationships are often conducted at a distance, that hasn't stopped the actress' love life from being front and center in the tabloids. Rumors run rampant about her and her (maybe) boyfriend co-star Justin Long. And while she politely declines speaking of her personal life (she says this is what keeps her sane), Drew did say that her and Justin have been friends for many, many years and will be for years to come. "He makes me be a better actor," Drew says of Justin with a smile on her face.

Drew Barrymore's film Going the Distance is in theaters today.