Romance Trendlet: Man Maids

Listen, we’re more in the camp of people who hang up a “Bless this Mess” sign over the dishes in our kitchen sink and then call it day. But the recent trendlet we’ve discovered of men taking over those pesky household chores has us reconsidering our process! Who wouldn’t want a sexy man taking out the trash? (And that’s not a euphemism. He actually cleans and takes out the trash.) Now that’s a fantasy we can get behind! Here are a few recent titles that have caught our fanciful attention:



Maid to Fit by Rebecca M. Avery

This contemporary romance sounds like Who’s the Boss, starring a sexy Sergeant! What could be better? (Sorry, Tony Danza.) As Ronnie adjusts to civilian life and helps single mom Kayla get her life on track, we’ll just be over here wishing we had a Ronnie of our own …. (coming May 2014)

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What A Woman Wants by Judi Fennell

Fennell has crafted a fun farce wherein resort entrepreneur Sean is winds up cleaning a historic manor instead of buying it, thanks to a poker bet gone awry. (There is so much for us to love in that sentence. Man, do we love the romance genre.) Our erstwhile heroine, Livvy, is looking to unload the house, her inheritance, and start a bakery. Wait til she finds out what Sean’s really up to ….

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Marine for Hire by Tawna Fenske

We’ve long professed our love of brother’s best friend trope, and Marine for Hire stars hot-as-sin Marine Sam, who does a favor for his best friends: playing nanny to their twin seven-month-old nephews. Only Sam didn’t count on smoking hot mom Sheridan (this is a romance novel, so a single mom of young twins can still look hot — see why we love this trope?), and the burning attraction between them. Although Sam isn't a maid, we wouldn't say no to a Marine's helping hands.

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Seen any other man maid romances lately? Let us know in the comments! And while you’re ignoring your dirty floors, why not check out our Everything Romance page?