Romantic Suspense Author Roxanne St. Claire Answers Our Questions

Today we chat with Roxanne St. Claire about her new romantic suspense series, The Guardian Angelinos. Get an up front seat to all of the action and chemistry that surges beneath these stories and find out what you can expect next from this fabulous writer!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Your newest series, The Guardian Angelinos, debuted with last year's Edge of Sight and continues this spring with Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger. If you had to sum up each story in one 140-character tweet, what would they be?

Roxanne St. Claire:Edge of Sight: A reunion romance with hunted heroine and wounded hero, first of new series about renegade, risk-taking family of crime fighters…sexy & scary stuff! 

Shiver of Fear: A woman on a mission to find her true self and a man on an assignment to stop her…a wild ride through Ireland straight into the arms of a danger and love.

Face of Danger: One rule-breaking spitfire PI…one rule-following stud FBI agent…one helluva complicated undercover job…one of my favorite books ever!

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