Rosetta Books Introduces Crimescape A Digital Imprint Featuring True Crime Short Stories

Digital publisher Rosetta Books has just launched a new imprint called Crimescape. This is a line of true crime short stories penned by previously published authors. The line has debuted with six titles and the company has plans to release two more in each of the following months. 

These Crimescape titles will all run between 10,000 and 20,000 words and be Kindle exclusives during the first year. Even more exciting? These new non-fiction e-reads are all priced below $3.00. We predict that readers will enjoy knowing that they can always expect a Crimescape story to be both a fast read and easy on the wallet.

In order to guide the imprint, Rosetta Books has brought on Marilyn Bardsley, who is known in the industry for founding the popular site Bardsley will be both working with authors she knows from her previous projects as well reviewing submissions from prospective new authors.

Rosetta Books founder Arthur Klebanoff praised the new imprint because, in addition to being an e-book venture in a category that already has fans of traditional book formats, Crimescape novels can be flexible about when their books go on sale and what they include. Klebanoff cites that the line was able to update one of the first titles to become available, Death by Rock’n’Roll, so that it included the recent passing of songstress Amy Winehouse.

The first Crimescape titles are already available in the Kindle store. Two of the titles that are top-rated on Amazon are Murder at the Finish Line by Tori Richards and After Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by Marilyn Bardsley. To learn more about the entire Crimescape line-up click here.

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