Royal Wedding Related Must-Reads!

A handsome prince, a beautiful commoner and a love that couldn’t be denied — this is the stuff of dreams (and some of our favorite books). Today we are thrilled to join the enthusiastic celebration of the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton. But when the ceremony is over, fashion experts on both sides of the pond have dissected her dress and the last of the celebration champagne is going flat, what’s left to do? Cuddle up with a good book for your own dose of royal romance, of course! For your reading pleasure we’ve put together a list of Royal Wedding-themed recent releases so you can keep celebrating late into the night.


The Royal Wedding: The Director’s Cut

A Modern Fairy Tale: William, Kate, and Three Generations of Royal Love
By Jane Green

Go behind the scenes of today’s Royal Wedding with this enhanced e-book. Jane Green teamed up with the folks over at the ABC News Archives to give readers a way to experience Prince William and Kate’s love story across multiple formats. The photos and video that are woven through the book also takes readers back through the weddings of Prince William’s father and mother, and his grandparents, to showcase the true scope and historical significance of the events.

If you are really looking for the complete Royal Wedding experience, we suggest you pick up the enhanced version, which comes with more photos, video and even a free update for after the wedding with some of the event’s most magical moments!


Getting Graphic

The Royals: Prince William & Kate Middleton
By CW Cooke and Pablo Martinena

Maybe e-books are not your speed, and you’d rather see the past re-imagined in a more artistic way? Then be sure to check out this comic by Author Cooke and artist Martinea. The pair collaborated with the goal of illustrating the way that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eight-year relationship evolved and the way that the couple stayed grounded while carrying on a romance in the spotlight. (This tale is also offered in a collector’s edition, with eight more pages of art.) You can tuck your comic copy of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship alongside Female Force: Princess Diana and be sure to leave space on your shelf for this summer’s The Royals: Prince Henry, which will be released this summer!


Historical Happily Ever Afters

Royal Weddings
By Stephanie Laurens, Gaelen Foley and Loretta Chase

For a fictional look at royal weddings, these three beloved historical romance authors team up for a special anthology about couples that fall in love during three real life royal weddings. Stephanie Laurens’ story revolves around Lady Margaret, “The Wedding Planner”, who finds herself at a loss after meeting Gaston Devilliers and losing her heart. Gaelen Foley’s heroine Countess of Archer is in love with someone other than her husband but will she be able to find love “ever after” at Princess Charlotte’s wedding? Loretta Chase rounds out the trio when Barbara Findley commits the unthinkable, “the Jilting of Lord Rothwick” – but the Marquess of Rothwick is determined not to let her go without a fight. Passion, royal backdrops and beautiful dresses, if your Prince Charming is an old fashioned hero, this is the collection of royal weddings for you!


PG-13 Rated Royal Intrigue

The False Princess
By Ellis O’Neal

This morning we all watched with baited breath as a commoner became a royal, but what happens when it goes the other way? You can find out in the YA story The False Princess where Nalia's promised throne is taken away when it is revealed she is really Sinda, a commoner and she was swapped with the real Nalia at birth. When Sinda embraces her new (non) status, she learns that she may not be as common as she thought.


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