Royally Yours: Everything's Coming Up Princess

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer sauntered down to everyone’s favorite street – Sesame Street – to hang out with the pinktastic princess-loving monster, Abby Cadabby. What message did Justice Sotomayer have to share with today’s young’uns? Well, it all boils down to the difference between having an actual career vs. nurturing the fantasy of one day becoming a bona fide princess.

“Pretending to be a princess is fun,” said Sotomayer, “but it is definitely not a career.”

For a great majority of us, this is true. Let’s face it—we’ll never be actual, legitimate princesses no matter how many frogs we kiss. And we’re okay with that. You know why? Because heavy is the head that holds the crown. Being a princess is totes hard work! It’s not all sparkles, pink frosted cupcakes and glass slippers.

So today we’re raising a toast to some of our favorite real-life princesses, and we’re also sharing some recent titles that feature the role that’s sparked the stuff of little girls’ dreams since forever. 


Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland

Sweden isn’t only home to IKEA and those delicious appetizer meatballs; they also have their very own crown princess. And she’s quite the lady! Victoria is the heir to the Swedish throne, and — should she ascend — she’ll be the country’s fourth queen regent, and the first woman to sit on the throne since the early 18th Century. But what is it that makes this princess special besides her interest in diplomatic matters and the fund she’s set up to support recreational activities for children with chronic illnesses or functional disabilities? Well, not only did Victoria marry for love, but she chose her personal trainer, Daniel Westling, as her own prince charming. You have to love a woman who knows her own mind and makes her own choices, thereby bucking centuries of outdated tradition.

If Victoria is your kind of princess, then you’ll love the story of Princess Mercedes of Alden. In Tracy Anne Warren’s Her Highness and the Highlander, a European princess’s coach is set upon by murderous henchmen, but instead of falling into their nefarious clutches, she escapes to meet the acquaintance of Laird Daniel MacKinnon, ex-soldier and all-around hero. Although he’s not the sort of man her papa would approve of, protective Daniel is the man who is winning her heart.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

But what if you’re a fan of the local girl made good; a commoner marrying on up to princess status? There’s a few of those around as well. The most well-known example, perhaps, is that of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Or, as we know her, one-half of the United Kingdom’s dynastic duo: Kate and Will. We all watched their Lifetime movie and know the details of their courtship. She was the gorgeous classmate of Prince William at St. Andrew’s, and she managed to snag first his eyes, then his heart, and finally his hand — in marriage.

If that’s how you’ve dreamed of winning your spot on the line of succession, then you may have a thing or two in common with Camille, Lady Lydingham, from Victoria Alexander’s What Happens at Christmas. But while Lady Lydingham dreams of marrying a Prince William of her own, another man is making plans to show her that while he may not be of royal blood, he truly is the man of her dreams. Something tells us that her Christmas will be one that’s not soon forgotten.

Diana, Princess of Wales

You didn’t think we’d make it through this post without mentioning the princess of all princesses, Diana? Her life, the charitable work that she did, and her tragic end, make her story one that endures. As the world watched her son, Prince William, marry his Kate, many wondered how she would feel about the marriage. Whether Diana married Prince Charles for love or not, there’s no denying that after the divorce she was a strong proponent of following your heart. There is no doubt that she would have been thrilled to watch her son marrying the woman of his choosing.

The downside to being a princess, and there are downsides, is that marriages were usually arranged. That’s the problem facing the princess in Julianne MacLean’s Princess in Love. Rose is facing a future with a husband chosen to strengthen her father’s hold on his throne. But what she really wants is the marquess she can’t have; the one she’s loved all her life. Will she marry for duty or love? You’ll have to read it to find out!

So, cheer up all you princess aficionados! While we can’t all aspire to those lofty ranks, we can certainly relive our childhood dreams between the pages of well-crafted love stories. And if you have a favorite princess title you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to do so in the comment section below. For more tales of romance visit our Everything Romance Page.