RT BOOKLovers Convention 2011: Author Chat With Dean Koontz

This morning readers were treated to a special author chat with the elusive author Dean Koontz. RT's Stacey Agdern shares her favorite moments of the chat.

Those who had the chance to listen to Dean Koontz speak at this years RT convention got a treat. Koontz is a charming man, who seemed to take the slings and arrows he’s faced as an author over the long years of his publishing career with good humor.

In fact, Koontz’s theme for his presentation was shattering the myths of the glorious things that are supposed to happen to an author once they are published. It’s a theme that has been discussed many times during different workshops at the conference, but Koontz’s descriptions of what can, and does, go wrong during an author’s career sounded much like a scene out of a National Lampoons’ or Mel Brooks' movie.

Koontz talked about the craziness of the first time he was sent out on a book tour with humor and grace, but the underlying idea was that they are hard work. It is gratifying to meet fans, but exhausting. And yet recalling an instance of finding a gem of a restaurant in an unexpected place in San Francisco brought a smile to his face all these years later.

Fan mail was another subject Koontz touched on. Intermixed with stories about some of the strange letters he’d received over the years, he spoke about how much he enjoys receiving letters from readers in his mailbox. He also said that he wants to answer all of them, which is why he doesn’t accept email from fans.

Koontz also reflected on his history with editors. He’d expected a “literary” editor who would help him to make his manuscript better, instead, his first editor seemed fixated on heaters and their locations, but within the humor, you could tell that he respects the job that his editors have done for him.

In the end, it’s easy to see why Dean Koontz continues to have a successful career. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, likes what he’s doing and is enjoying the ride he’s on. And maybe most important of all, his readers, and fans, can see that too.

For the audio recording of this author chat check out www.ConferenceRecording.com and if you are in the LA area, stop by tomorrow's giant book fair to meet even more authors!