RT Booklovers Convention 2011: A Look At This Year's Hollywood Program

To celebrate the first RT Booklovers Convention in Hollywood, we added a special component to this year's book event of the year. Film and television industry insiders such as soap opera stars, agents, screenwriters, producers, and more all came out for this year's Hollywood Program. Here's a taste of what took place all week.

We started off with Wednesday's "From Page to Screen: Script Consultants Give You the Goods" panel. Moderated by Vivi Anna, script evaluator Merrel Davis and story analyst Xandy Sussan discussed how to write a fresh script that will keep the audience on their toes. 

Thursday convention attendees got a chance to get an insider look at the film industry during "The Reel World: Printed Page to Silver Screen." The panel featured literary agent/author Deirdre Knight from The Knight Agency and YA author Marley Gibson whose popular paranormal series has been optioned for film. The pair discussed the film-option process from all angels including how a book's onscreen viability is determined and the amount of input an author can expect to have while their story is being adapted.

And later that afternoon producer Lane Shefter Bishop chatted about the art and craft of adapting novels to the screen in "Can My Book Be Adapted for Film/TV?" while across the convention, authors Vivi Anna, Stephanie Bond, Lee Goldberg, and Jonathan Bogner of Bogner Entertainment and Zac Sanford of Suntour Entertainment discussed the way that books make the transition to the screen in "The Business of Hollywood."

TV writer and mystery author Lee Goldberg shared his tips of the trade in Thursday's panel "How to Tell a TV Story". Goldberg has also penned two books on the subject. He shared a look at the differences between stories told in print and on screen and answered questions from the audience. 

On Friday, convention attendees met some of the most loved stars from across the Soap Opera universe, including Susan Seaforth-Hayes and Bill Hayes who are also known as Julie and Doug from Days of Our Lives, Carolyn Hennsey and Jacklyn Zeman from General Hospital and Sean McDermott from Guiding Light

Would-be screenwriters also got advice from those in the know in "Scriptwriting From TV & Film Insiders". The authors/screenwriters/producers in attendance included Sheryl J. Anderson, Robert Gregory Browne, Adena Halpern, Gregg Hurwitz and Stephen Jay Schwartz.

Those interested in the film industry also got a look at book adaptation techniques in Friday's "Film to Page: Screenwriting Techniques for Novels" which was presented by authors and industry insiders, Stephen Jay Schwartz and Alexandra Sokoloff.

We had an amazing time getting an insider's look at the workings of Hollywood while we were in LA for this year's convention and you can pick up your own copies of audio recordings for most of these panels at www.ConferenceRecording.com.