RT Booklovers Convention 2011: Meet Writing With The Stars Winner Maeve Greyson

This year RT and Kensington hosted the Writing With the Stars competition where readers could vote on which aspiring author won a book contract with Kensington's Brava line. The winner was aspiring author Maeve Greyson for her paranormal manuscript "Eternity's Mark". After Alicia Condon of Kensington announced Maeve's win on Thursday during the annual RT awards ceremony we got a chance to catch up with this brand new author who was selected by RT readers!

Can you tell us about where you were when you got "the call" saying you won the Writing With the Stars competition?

I was at work, checking my email on my phone every two seconds. I saw in the subject line "Final Results" [from RT] and I couldn't look at it. I put my phone down. And then I looked and saw that I won and the room started whirling. My other cubical workers wanted to know if I won, but I wanted my husband to be the first to know. I called him, but then I couldn't speak. He must have thought something was wrong. But then I whispered, "I won" and he said, "Say it louder." And I yelled "I WON!". In the south we have a habit of turning one syllable words into two syllable. And he said, "Hot da-umn." Then one of my co-workers yelled out, "She won!" and everyone in the office was cheering.

How did you decide to enter the Writing With the Stars contest?

I waited until the last day to enter. I didn't think my story was one they were looking for. I didn't think it was hot enough. But then I thought, what the heck — I'll give it a try.

How long have you been writing for?

I started writing about 20 years ago. This was before the Internet when I went to the library to look everything up. But I never really seriously submitted anything. Then five or six years ago I was writing to entertain my mother. She was ill and the only one I would share my stories with. I kept writing and thought maybe I can do this. I sold a few books to Wild Rose Press, but my dream was always to sell to a traditional press. 

Your story is a paranormal — what draws you to this genre?

I enjoy paranormals because anything is possible. I love magic, especially Celtic myths and legends.

Where would you like your writing career to be in 10 years?

I would love to have several books published. And of course at least one bestseller. But really I hope that readers love my stories as much as I love to write them!

We can't wait to read Eternity's Mark when it hits shelves in April 2012. But readers can get a sneak peek at several different aspects of the novel in its rough form in the first five rounds of the Writing With the Stars competition. We got a chance to read the story's first paragraph and last line. We met Maeve's hero and heroine. We snuck an early look at the book's prospective back cover blurb and then spent time with the lovable secondary character, William. Finally we felt the heat flare between Taggart and Hannah in an intimate love scene. To learn more about Maeve Greyson and her journey, check out her website at www.MaeveGreyson.com!