RT Booklovers Convention 2011: Mixing It Up At The Intergalactic Bar & Grille

Tonight science fiction fans, readers and authors all gathered at the Intergalactic Bar & Grille! Hosts Linnea Sinclair, Jade Lee, Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr), Karen Miller, Marcella Burnard and Nathalie Gray embraced all things science fiction as the inspiration for some out-of-this-world treats and games for all that attended. 

During the party, the hosts gave us some sneak peeks on what we can expect from them in the future.

Marcella Burnard's second novel Enemy Games will hit stores on May 3rd. A delicious tidbit that the author shared with us ... "Damen, the hero, was modeled in part after one of my resident felines with the predatory drive and complex social interactions heightened. The heroine, Jayleia, was a hard-working, but low-ranking scientist living in the shadows cast by her famous and infamous friends and relations. But, the moment her loved ones are threatened; she tumbled out of the background, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake." Also, rumor has it there might even be a kind of zombie in this book.

Cricket Starr enthusiastically told us, "I am very excited about my latest release because it is FREE. Ellora's Cave and I have re-released one of my older science fiction erotic romance short novels, Imperfect Judgment, as a free e-book available now. The book is about a man living a nomadic life on a primitive planet when a new colony ship arrives from Earth. The new colonists are unaware that by disturbing the planet's soil they are releasing a deadly virus into the air, sickening Diam's people. But when he infiltrates the colony to stop them he falls in love with Justina, the newcomer's doctor. The book is how they work out their differences to the benefit of everyone."

Next up, Karen Miller, shared what fans could expect. "My next release isn't until August. It's the standalone prequel to the Mage quartet, titled A Blight of Mages. It tells the story of Morgan and Barl, and how their tumultuous relationship leads to the ruin of their homeland, Dorana, and the creation of Lur as a magical haven from Morgan's reign of terror beyond the mountains."

And Nathalie Gray was proud to announce that as part of her plan for world domination (long-term plan, 5-10 years), she has landed a coveted spot on Samhain's cyberpunk anthology entitled Cybershock. Nat's story, "Gridlock", is set in a future where a god-like A.I. has taken control of every aspect of human life. The author adds, "Even in the bathroom!" The anthology will release in August. 

Finally, Jade Lee might seem like an unexpected addition to this line up, since she just released her Regency-era historical Wicked Seduction. But the pieces fell into place when we realized that the first issues of her new Dragonborn comic/graphic novel will be released this summer. (The full graphic novel will be available in the fall.) Make sure to check back at the end of April when we will have some concept art from Dragonborn the graphic novel!

And what's happening for Linnea Sinclair? The film version of her award winning novel Down Home Zombie Blues was just cast. Check out the actors...

For more photos from the Intergalactic Bar and Grille, you can click HERE and then check back later tonight for coverage of the Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party!