RT Booklovers Convention 2011: Saturday's Giant Book Fair Bonanza

Thousands of booklovers came out for this year's book fair. Fans spent time with over 300 authors who were signing books and talking about their upcoming releases. Many of the readers had long lists full of the names of authors they were looking forward to meeting.

The RT Staffers each had their own lists of authors they were looking forward to seeing during convention. Morgan's fan girl moment came when she met the erotica author who is her new "guilty pleasure", author Jayne Rylon. RT Reviewer Victoria Frerichs was excited to meet Kate Elliott saying, "I've been a fan of her work for years and ... The Cold Magic Series is phenomenal." And RT Senior Reviewer Kathe Robin said she simply couldn't choose between the excellent historical romance authors!

At today's book fair, we got a chance to chat with some of the authors who were signing today and asked them which of their fellow authors attending convention they were most excited to meet...

C.H. Admirand picked Heather Graham and Patricia Rice and then said she couldn't forget Bobbi Smith who she considers, "the queen of the Westerns."

Joanna Bourne also named Patricia Rice, and then added Elizabeth Hoyt and Eileen Dryer to her list, saying each ran workshops full of really great pointers during this year's convention.

Kimberly Kaye Terry told us that she was excited to get Richelle Mead's signature for her daughter.

MaryJanice Davidson named a few authors including Michele Bardsley and Dean Koontz. Davidson went on to say that one of the most fan parts of RT's annual book fair is that she will go over and ask authors for their autographs only to get back to her booth and find those same authors lined up to get her signature. She said of the experience, "It's almost incestuous, but incestuous in a good way." 

Elizabeth Boyle named Kathryn Smith saying, "She's so fun to be around."

Courtney Milan picked Elizabeth Hoyt and raves, "I love all of her books and am really a huge fan."

Rachael Herron's top pick is historical author Tessa Dare. "I recently read her for the first time and she rocked my world."

Tessa Dare's choice was Robyn Carr and called she her fellow author "gracious and really nice."

Jennifer Haymore revealed that Melissa Marr and Elizabeth Hoyt reduce her into a "gushing fan girl."

Susan Donovan picked Celeste Bradley calling her critique partner "her best writing buddy" and she relishes the time she can spend with her fellow author who lives across the country.

Sabrina Jeffries was also thrilled to see a writing buddy, her pick was Eileen Dryer.

Renee Bernard, "I was most excited to see L.A. Banks again because she's just the sweetest most fantastic person. But who wasn't I excited to see, it's such a great crowd here!"

Kate Noble revealed that even though she was really excited to see some of the new authors in historical romance, the first author who came to mind was Catherine Coulter.

Noble was not the only one who was excited to meet this grand dame of romantic suspense. Authors Meg Benjamin, Molly Harper and Gennita Lowe were equally thrilled by the chance to meet Catherine Coulter. Revealing a very personal moment, author Sara Lindsey told us, "Catherine Coulter wrote a book with a cat named Gillyflower in it and I totally seperately had a cat named Gillyflower, so we just had a moment where we both started crying about dead cats. But really, her book The Deception is one of my favorite romances ever."

And for all the fans who met Catherine Coulter during convention you should be sure to check out the author's Facebook page, www.facebook.com/CatherineCoulterBooks, where she will be uploading photos for the next few days and readers will be able to post their reactions and share their Catherine Coulter moments!


It was a great day to be a reader at today's RT Booklovers Convention. Carina Press' Angela James says it all without saying a word in this moment that we captured on film:

For more coverage of everything happening today at the RT Booklovers Convention, check back on the RT Daily Blog over the next few hours!