RT Booklovers Convention 2011: Scenes From The E-Book Expo And Graphic Novel Book Fair

Today's E-Book Expo And Graphic Novel Book Fair featured over a hundred e-book authors and graphic novel writers and artists. Among the authors in attendance were such big names as L.A. Banks, Melissa de la Cruz, Jayne Rylon and Gennita Low. At the Expo, there were also publisher exhibits and representatives from Barnes & Noble's Nook, Circle of Seven Productions, Kobo and Savvy Media Services. It was a sight to behold as readers took advantage of the opportunity to get close to the authors they love!




At RT, when we want author news we have lots of blog sites we visit. So we had to ask the authors when not writing where they go online.

Cat Johnson has recently discovered a new English blog, Scorching Book Reviews. She found the blog off of Twitter and is enjoying the recent focus on American Cowboys.

L.B. Gregg says if she had to pick a favorite it's The Bloggess which she loves because there's "such passion, heart and sharp wit displayed on this blog."

Co-authors K.M. Daughters consulted with each other before they made their final choice, but after discussing it they revealed that SOS Aloha Blog is their favorite because blogger Kim Adams is "wonderful" and they credit her for connecting them with military wives and a program that the authors were part of where they sent Christmas cards to military officers overseas.

Jennifer St. Giles picked Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book saying, "the posts are short and sweet."

Cynthia Vespia says anything fitness-related draws her interest because she is also a personal trainer. But when it comes to writing blogs, she suggests Nathan Bradford's blog,  "because he talks about the business in a realistic way."

When Jory Strong heads online she checks out the links to the blog posts that have recently been Tweeted by the people she follows.

Shelli Stevens' blog of choice is fellow-author Jane Porter's blog on www.JanePorter.com. Stevens' likes the tone saying she's "real and fun."

And last but not least, Lexxie Couper rounds out the list saying, "Slushpile Hell makes me realize what I think is funny and I might do, I should never do." 


Want to get in on the reader action? You can join us for tomorrow's Giant Book Fair with over 300 authors and if you are a YA enthusiast you can also take part in our first-ever Teen DayYou can register for the event tomorrow morning at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown LA!