RT Booklovers Convention 2011: Super Powers At The E-Book Expo And Graphic Novel Book Fair

At today's E-Book Expo and Graphic Novel Fair we got a chance to chat with some of our favorite graphic novel authors and artists. With so much phenomenal artistic talent in the room, we wanted to know what (other) superpower these brilliant minds wished that that possessed. 

Kelley Armstrong: Shapeshifting

L.A. Banks: The ability to control thunder

Holly Black: Eternal life

Anne Elizabeth: Telekinesis

Jade Lee: Silencing others

Alisa Kwitney, author and Sea Lion graphic novel editor: Writing novels faster

Richelle Mead: Shapeshifting


Grant Alter, graphic novel adaptor of Mead's Dark Swan series: The ability to fly

Make sure to check back in a few hours for pictures from tonight's Vampire Ball! And of course, if you are in the LA area you can join all the booklover action tomorrow at our Giant Book Fair and during our Teen Day event to celebrate the YA genre.