RT Booklovers Convention 2012: Moments From YA Alley

This year at the Giant Saturday Bookfair during the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention, YA Alley was the place to be if you were a young reader or simply young at heart! The area was packed full of authors, there were over 60 in attendance. From big names including Melissa Marr and Richelle Mead to debut authors like Jus Acardo and everyone in between, authors and fans had a great time interacting. For everyone who wasn't able to attend, three of our favorite new authors share personal facts that readers don't know — and let us in on a secret about their heroines.


Josephine Angelini told us a bit about herself and a bit about her character Helen, the heroine of the paranormal series Starcrossed, who discovers that she's descended from ancient Greeks ... a heritage that comes with a curse from the Furies themselves. On a personal note, Josephine revealed to us that in real life she has size 9 feet and can't eat cheese (so sad!). And what did we find out about her character Helen? This sassy, accident-prone teen is a lip gloss fanatic!

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the author of two on-going series, one about Kali, a girl who spends half her life as a normal teen and the other half as supernatural hunter of "all creatures that go bump in the night (and day)" and the other series follows Bryn, a girl who lives with werewolves! With so much going on in Barnes' head, we weren't surprised to learn that this author sleepwalks! And what about Bryn? She always wears a ponytail holder on her right hand. (Something that we think makes absolute sense, because with two werewolves for best friends, you never know when you'll head out on a run through the woods!)

Meanwhile Tracy Deebs shared that while she was in college, she ran away with a band for a week. But is her part-mermaid heroine Tempest as much of a wild child as the author? This ficitonal paranormal teen's love of surfing dangerous waves (and getting into fights with evil sea creatures) isn't a secret, but we bet you didn't know that Tempest really likes cherry lollipops. (And Deebs let us in on one more secret, in Tempest Unleashed, which comes out June 5, her heroine will also be getting "some fantastic new powers" — but the author wouldn't be any more specific than that!)

Learn more about the authors who attended the Giant Saturday Bookfair and stay tuned to our Everything Young Adult Page all this week where we bring you more fun from the second annual RT Teen Day!