RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION Guest Blog: Smart Bitch Sarah

Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books guest blogs about the reader's panel "Buy A Book, Save An Author" this morning at the RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION.

Dakota Cassidy, Kim Castillo, Lindsay Faber, and Toni Blake's panel was one of the few dedicated purely to the reader perspective that focused on what readers can do to help their favorite authors. The message: talk much, talk often, and stay positive.

The best thing a reader can do for a book they adored is talk about it. Review it on Amazon, talk about it on GoodReads, talk about it online.

Interestingly, Lindsay Faber from Samhain Publishing pointed out that honest reviews, even bad ones, are ok. Writing about what spoke to you about a book, what moved you, that will start a conversation, Faber said. And the more reviews a book has on Amazon, the more people are talking about a book, the more readers are curious about the conversation and the book itself.

Dakota Cassidy made a very savvy point about books, particularly her own: humor is subjective and it's difficult to appeal a particular type of humor to a wide audience.

Other tips for authors and readers from Faber, Cassidy, Blake and Castillo:

- Don't take bad reviews to heart. Any press, as they say, is good press.

- It's fine to support books in a positive way, says Faber. Any comments about a book you like, in any location online or off, helps a book.

Most of all, anything you say can and will be used to help your favorite books succeed. So speak up.