RT Casting Couch: Sylvia Day's Spellbound - With Giveaway!

Sylvia Day is blowing up right now, with her eight-digit book deal (!) and her latest release, Spellbound. We couldn't be happier for such a nice, smart lady, so we were thrilled when RT reviewer Mandy Boles wanted to cast Spellbound for us. If you haven't read the book yet, have no fear, we're giving away five copies at the end of this post! Take it away, Mandy!

Anytime a really great book comes out, I'm always mentally casting the movie version, so by the time I read and reviewed Spellbound by Sylvia Day, I'd coming up with my dream film cast. 

Victoria St. John

I immediately pictured Evan Rachel Wood as Victoria. In the Spellbound universe Victoria is a Familiar — a female assigned to assist a male Warlock and act as his submissive — gone feral. Victoria was assigned Warlock Darius, who didn’t mind her uncommon need to be dominant. When Darius died he passed his magical ability onto Victoria, making her a very powerful Familiar. His death devastated Victoria and turned her away from the world of magic, so she decided to mingle with humans.

I think Evan Rachel Wood is perfect for the role of Victoria. Feminine with a wickedly feline look, Victoria turns into a cat at points in the book, and there’s lots of purring when she speaks. I can picture Evan Rachel Wood having a lot of fun with this part. I enjoyed her work on True Blood and would love to see her take on another paranormal role.

Max Westin

I might be a bit biased because I’m currently in the midst of Sherlock season three mania, but I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be perfect as Max Westin. In the book Max is described as having long dark hair, a firm jaw, sculpted lips, being stern but loving — and a veritable sex machine.  I know a lot of ladies who would like to see Benedict as Max get his lovin’ on with Victoria!

Darius Whitacre

Darius, Victoria’s first Warlock love, has blonde hair with bits of gold and a gentle, patient nature.  I picture Kenneth Branagh playing Darius for a couple of reasons. One, Darius is described a being a bit older than Victoria yet still very handsome. Two, Kenneth Branagh makes me swoon!  Darius has a very tender, emotional scene with Victoria and I can picture Kenneth playing it perfectly.

Jezebel Patridge

Jezebel Patridge is an ex love interest of Max’s who reinserts herself into his life. She is described as blonde and voluptuous with a husky voice. Scarlett Johansson jumped off the page as I read Sylvia Day’s description of Jezebel.

What do you think of Mandy's cast? Spellbound is now on sale in bookstores and online, if you'd like to check it out. Or enter for your chance to win, we're giving away five hard copies below (U.S. residents only).

When Mandy's not writing and reviewing for RT, you can find her at MandyBoles.com

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