RT Does NYCC: The Cosplay Recap!

Geek Pride was in full force this weekend at the Javits Center for the 2013 New York Comic Con — and of course RT was in attendance. I, along with Assistant Web Editor DJ DeSmyter, got in on the fun. Below are some of my favorite NYCC cosplayers (that's "people who dress up in character costume" for you Muggles out there) from the weekend.



There were Batmen (Batmans?!) from many eras at NYCC. I stopped one who smiles! Gasp.

Jack Sparrow looked pretty exhausted on Day Two. Must've been all the rum!

As befitting her House, a gorgeous Rowena Ravenclaw had quite the clever— and detailed — period costume.

A stunningly accurate Kaylee and River from Firefly (and guest!) were definitely shiny!

Is it just me or does this dashing Nightwing look a little like Daniel Radcliffe in tights?

Wee Black Canary and wee Elektra have the best.parents.ever.

"Are you cosplaying or just...naked?" I asked these gentlemen doing Street Fighter, 300 and Assassin's Creed.

What's a comic con without Stormtroopers?

I think this genderswapped Mystique and Magneto were probably my favorite!

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn had a little crossover with the Ghostbusters.

Yes, Gollum was at NYCC. No word on whether he found his Precious.

I didn't dress up (unless you count fannish t-shirts) but I did hang out with Divergent's Tris and Four ... sort of.


Did you see any great cosplay at NYCC this year? Let me know in the comments!