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RT Editors' Best of 2012: Morgan's Picks

This blog post is part of a series that the RT editors took part in during the month of December.


With 2012 winding down, the RT editors thought December would be a good time to reflect on what each of us read this year and which books stuck with us long after we finished them. While this year's RT Awards winners won't be announced until our convention in May, we've decided to share our personal favorites of 2012, in no particular order. Today RT's Website Director Morgan Doremus brings us her year in books:


Favorite 2012 Historical Romance


by Carrie Lofty

It is rare that I fall equally in love with a book’s hero and heroine. Generally one outshines the other. However, in this breaks-all-borders tale set in the slums of Glasgow, Lofty is able to craft two characters that are authentic, interesting and thoroughly likable. Alex, an academic who grew up wealthy, is down to earth and incredibly open minded, while the poor Polly is as vivacious as she is strong. This seemingly mismatched, yet perfect-for-each-other couple is my favorite pairing of the year.

Favorite 2012 Contemporary Romance


Forever and a Day 
by Jill Shalvis

I laughed, I cried, I fell for Jill Shalvis’ writing all over again. An author that is as prolific as she is extraordinary, readers should be prepared to tackle a very long backlist once finished with Forever and a Day because this gem of a book — which has scene after scene of laugh-out-loud moments — won’t be enough for you to get your Shalvis fix.




Favorite 2012 Series Romance 


A Man of Privilege
by Sarah M. Anderson

With an ex-druggie, prostitute heroine, one thing I can say for sure — this isn't your grandmother's Harlequin. In fact, as far as I can tell, this story doesn't follow any of the traditional series tropes. While James, a wealthy lawyer on his way to the White House, may seem like the typical 'Desire' hero, he is as far from a Alpha male as you can get. A sensitive, caring man, he never sees Maggie Eagle Heart as anything but his equal, despite her past. I was wowed by Maggie's resilience and rooted for this incredible lady to get her long awaited HEA. 



Favorite 2012 Romantic Suspense


Whispers in the Dark
by Maya Banks

Ms. Banks writes the sexiest shootouts bar none. And while her violent KGI series can turn a bit dark at times, the stories of redemption are unforgettable. In previous books, the couples have a physical and emotional connection, but in Whispers in the Dark the author adds a paranormal twist to her story with a telepathic heroine. This makes the bond between Shea and Nathan both palpable and terribly romantic.




Favorite 2012 Self-Published Book 


Motorcycle Man
by Kristen Ashley

Apparently, I was asleep at the wheel when the KA memes were spreading, or maybe I just ignored the author’s books because really, who wants to read about a group of men in a motorcycle club that claim women as their “biker bitches”? Certainly not me. That is until I actually started reading the fourth book in her Dream Man series. Tack, leader of the motorcycle club (which is just a nice way of saying a gang) is one of the most unlikely heroes I have ever read, but the way that author immersed me into his rough world, the faster I plowed through this novel. Yes, it is a bit on the long side and could use some judicious pruning, but I can’t remember the last book held my attention so completely.

Favorite 2012 End-of-the-World Book

White Horse
by Alex Adams
Told in flashbacks by an unstable narrator, the reader can never really know what is happening in this novel. All we can be sure of is that Zoe Marshall has a front row seat to the apocalypse. But even as the world is ending, all she can focus on is her lost love. My heart just didn't break for this character — it shattered. White Horse left me in awe of this debut author.

Favorite 2012 Genre Defying Book

Spellbound Falls
by Janet Chapman
Can a book be considered a contemporary read when the hero is from the magical island of Atlantis? Can a book be called a paranormal if it is almost completely rooted in the messy, everyday reality of raising young children? This is the heart of my conundrum about this light-hearted tale with an out-of-this-world hero who needs oh-so-much guidance and a seemingly average heroine who is wise beyond her experiences. However, while the genre may be hard to define, Spellbound Falls can be described in two words: Absolutely charming.


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Do you and Morgan share some favorite books of the year? Which reads did you love in 2012? Let us know in the comments!