The RT Editors' Recent Paranormal Picks!

We are thrilled to be celebrating our love for paranormal novels all month long. Gutsy heroines, vicious villains and bone-chilling things that go bump in the night — these are a few of our favorite things. So I was wondering which paranormal novels the RT Editors were currently enjoying. It came as no surprise that their recent paranormal reads included all of these thrilling elements and even a few novels that will appeal to readers who don't normally enjoy paranormal fare!


Faygie Levy's Pick:

Her recent paranormal reads included the first in the new latest series from J.K. Beck, which wraps up at the end of this month with When Wicked Craves. "Her series is an intriguing take on paranormal. And I am currently enjoying Marcella Burnard's Enemy Within, which comes out on November 2nd. This book starts off with a bang!"




Liz French's Pick:

She is about to start Book of Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff. "I can't wait to read this story which combines a Goth band, Boston detective and a practicing with — all set in Massachusetts. What a perfect season to read a Boston/Salem witch/satanic murder book than October?"



Stephanie Klose's Pick:

"The last paranormal novel that I read and really enjoyed is Matched by Ally Condie. Although this book will not be released until the end of November, you should mark your calendars for this futuristic YA read. It has a fantastic heroine and a new twist on a love triangle."



Elissa Petruzzi's Pick:

Her recent paranormal read was Darynda Jones' First Grave on the Right, which will be released in February. "She's a debut author with a great chick-lit-y voice." The main character is a grim reaper, and you can learn more about the novel in our February issue, when she will be on the cover. This is one to watch out for!



Morgan Doremus' Pick:

Her choice is the latest novel by Liz Carlyle, One Touch of Scandal. "I loved it because while it was a historical romance, it also had bits of paranormal. The hero, Ruthveyn, is from India and has mystical 'gifts' that he considers a curse: the ability to see things in the future. The novel is grounded in fact, including bloody battles of the East India Company and realities of living in Victorian England, but that little touch of the magical makes the story special and different from the other historicals out there."



Whitney Sullivan's Pick:

You may remember that I am a big fan of Alexis Morgan's Talion series. These stories are always full of spice and very interesting spins on paranormal genre standards. Her latest novel, August's Dark Warrior Untamed, is no exception. Readers will adore hero Grey with his strict gentleman's sense of right and wrong. It is especially endearing to watch him fall head over heels for the offbeat heroine, Piper!