RT Exclusive: Author Colleen Houck On The Upcoming Tiger’s Curse Movie

We were thrilled to learn that Colleen Houck’s YA novel Tiger’s Curse has been purchased by Paramount Pictures for a film adaptation. The story about a girl and the two Indian princes she is trying to save from an ancient curse has garnered immense publicity — and quite a cult following — over the last year. And the audience for the book is about to get bigger when the story is adapted for the big screen, so in order to get a jump start on the excitement, we went straight to the author herself to find out more about the film project. 


RT: In the best of all worlds, who would you see playing the characters from Tiger's Curse?

Colleen Houck: I don't really have any specific actors I'd like to see in the different roles but I would want a cast that can not only capture the imagination in fast-paced action scenes but who would also capture the hearts of the viewers. 

RT: As you were writing the story did you imagine it playing out on stage in your head?

CH: I think I'm a visual learner, so for me, I imagine a scene first and then figure out how to break it down into a linear language. I've always believed that the Tiger Series lends itself very easily to a visual medium.

RT: What's a scene that you are excited to see come to life?

CH: I'm really excited to see the jump over the chasm when Ren leaps as a tiger and then transforms in mid-air, pulling Kelsey safely over to the other side.

RT: What is part of the upcoming film adaptation process that you are really looking forwards to?

Colleen Houck: I'm so excited to see the characters I love come to life and to work with the amazing team of people who are as enthusiastic about my tigers as I am.

Want to learn more about the Tiger’s Curse series? Check out our video interview with the author, and of course, pick up your own copies of the first three books, all in stores now!