RT Exclusive: Paranormal YA Dark Days Quiz

Zombies, werewolves and angels, oh my! As Halloween creeps closer, we are getting our spook on with the five paranormal books included in the Dark Days tour. These fantastic tales each feature a different aspect of the paranormal world, as it is interpreted by authors such as Claudia Gray, Amy Garvey and Kiersten White. And you can enter to win each of these five new titles simply by leaving a comment on this blog post, telling us which of the Dark Days novels you can't wait to get your hands on. We know that choosing between this many exciting new reads can be a challenge, but we've got your back. Use this RT-exclusive quiz to help you figure out which of these novels you should dive into first. And then don't forget to enter to win all five novels!


1. You’re in the bookstore trying to pick your next read by the description on the back of the books. What’s the thing that’s going to catch your eye first?

A) Anything supernatural. Werewolves, vampires, angels—I love it all!
B) A main character faced with a difficult task or journey.
C) An especially evil force.

2. In school, you’re known as:

A) Mysterious
B) Intense
C) Sarcastic

3. Your fave Disney character is:

A) Tinkerbell
B) Peter Pan
C) The evil Queen from Snow White

4. What’s your take on happy endings?

A) Love them!
B) I like them if they’re executed well.
C) Totally unrealistic.

5. What’s the most important quality you look for in a crush?

A) There’s gotta be something totally unique about him/her—cookie-cutter isn’t going to work for me!
B) Intelligence and complexity.
C) I can’t resist a dangerous streak.

6. You just had a horrible fight with your best friend. How do you get past it?

A) Wait for a sign that tells you that you’re meant to patch things up.
B) Think long and hard about the actions that led to the argument and figure out the best way to go about fixing it.
C) Give your best friend the cold shoulder until he/she comes crawling back.

7. The TV show that you can’t miss every week is:

A) The Vampire Diaries
B) The Secret Life of the American Teenager
C) Pretty Little Liars

8. You’re most likely to get into trouble at school for:

A) Daydreaming in class
B) Talking to classmates
C) Talking back to teachers


You Picked Mostly A’s: A Touch of the Supernatural

No surprise here—you’re drawn to all things paranormal. You can’t resist a great story that includes a bit of otherworldly darkness…and it if includes a bit of romance too, all the better! Prepare to get swept away by A Beautiful Dark, a darkly romantic tale and Fateful, the classic love affair on a sinking ship…full of werewolves? Talk about star-crossed lovers!

You Picked Mostly B’s: Complex Characters

For you, it’s all about people. You’re fascinated with the darkness that lives inside all of us—and an amazing book isn’t complete without characters faced with seemingly impossible struggles like Evie from Supernaturally who wants to be normal despite her immortal boyfriend and not-so-normal ability to see through paranormal glamours. And it doesn’t get much more complex than Megan from Cold Kiss who has to balance her intense grief over losing her boyfriend with her supernatural ability to actually DO something about it – even if she shouldn’t.

You Picked Mostly C’s: Deliciously Evil Villains

Sugar and spice and everything nice? SO not you. Life wouldn’t be interesting without a little opposition, and your reading preferences reflect that as well. There’s nothing better than well-drawn and intriguing villains—they make stories worth reading! Looking for specifics? The King of the New America from Eve will make you cringe—but you won’t be able to stop turning the pages.

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