The RT Ghostbusters Tackle The Spirits Of These Recent Releases

If you’ve noticed something strange in your books, who you gonna call? We hope you said the RT Ghostbusters Team, ‘cause we ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Which is a good thing, since we found a lot of those spirits that go “boo!” haunting the pages of some recent reads. Fear not because we’re here to exorcise the spirits and flush those ghosts right out, no matter which genre you're reading. 



Dream Lake
by Lisa Kleypas

Ghastly Ghost: The ghost from Rainshadow Road

The Haunted: Alex has no idea why the ghost from Rainshadow Road has singled him out for a personal haunting, but, for whatever reason, it’s tied to him. When he agrees to remodel Zoe Hoffman’s cottage so she can tend to her dying grandmother, Alex isn’t the only one drawn to the peaceful abode and its inhabitants. Something about the place calls to the ghost, and it seems to have something it’s trying to remember....

RT Ghostbusters’ Official Assessment: This ghost isn’t a threat so much as it is a whisper of times, and loves, past. No maliciousness detected. Dream Lake is a multigenerational love story set in the beloved town of Lisa Kleypas’ Friday Harbor series. To RT Reviewer Callahan, this tale is as “poignant as an old song.”




All Seeing Eye
by Rob Thurman

Ghastly Ghost: The souls of those who have passed

The Haunted: Jackson Lee is a cynical psychic who sees the souls of victims when he touches their personal items. Sadly, one of those unfortunates was his 5-year-old sister, Tessa, who had been murdered. Having put up walls around his feelings since then, Jack only lets a few people in and he uses his special ability to make a living. But when he reluctantly agrees to take part in an experiment, all new dangers open up around him.

RT Ghostbusters’ Official Assessment: In our opinion it’s the living that are the real source of danger, not the dearly departed. This book, according to RT Reviewer Smith, is “creepy and chilling ... a ghost story with a killing edge.”




The Last Victim
by Karen Robards

Ghastly Ghost: Ghost of convicted killer Michael Garland

The Haunted: As a teen, Dr. Charlotte Stone was the only survivor of the Boardwalk killer. Now she’s an expert on serial killers and her traumatic ordeal left her with the ability to spot ghosts. When one of the inmates she’s interviewing is killed in prison, his ghost begins to follow her around as she works on a case that’s eerily similar to the BW Killer. Is he there to haunt or protect her?

RT Ghostbusters’ Official Assessment: There’s something suspicious going on here. Paranormal activity is off the charts and this ghost may be evil or good. But we believe we detect more than a little friendly energy from this Casper. He’s interested the doctor, and she just might return those feelings. RT Reviewer Smith calls this series-starter “distinctive and unforgettable.”




The Sleeping and the Dead
by Jeff Crook

Ghastly Ghost: Ghosts, ghosts everywhere!

The Haunted: Crime scene photographer Jackie Lyons takes snapshots of violence, and catches glimpses of the ghosts of the dearly departed. But now her camera is taking sharper pictures, and the clues are leading her straight to a killer!

RT Ghostbusters’ Official Assessment: Someone needs to find the Ghost Whisperer, stat! These ghosts are in need of some crossing over, but there’s someone out there who’d like to see the photographer take her last roll and follow them to the other side. Jackie (and reader beware)! “It’s an excellent read that you won’t be able to put down,” says RT Reviewer Traynor.


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