RT Picks Holiday E-Book Novellas

Are you looking for some great holiday e-books? Well, you are in luck because Carina Press is currently offering eight great Christmas novellas in two separate anthologies. In Naughty and Nice authors Jaci Burton, Megan Hart, Shannon Stacey and Lauren Dane write both contemporary and erotic tales. While authors Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox and Z.A. Maxfield offer up short stories in His For The Holidays that feature four M/M romances to keep the holidays hot!

Readers can buy the complete anthologies on the Carina site, or they can pick-and-choose stories to buy individually. In an effort to save you time, we asked the reviewers which is their favorite story from each anthology. Here is what they said:


"Holiday Sparks" by Shannon Stacey from Naughty and Nice 

"Of the entire collection I liked "Holiday Sparks" by Shannon Stacey the best. It's a simple falling-in-love story. Sparks really DO fly because Chloe falls in lust/love with an electrician. It has a very small cast of characters and rightly focuses just on the couple, with occasional overtures to other people. It's totally a holiday scenario (house sitting for your parents in their rickety old house and the power goes) just amped up on the romance-scale, like it's believable and kind of a fantasy that you could see happening in real life (sort of). The sex is good, but it's not just BLAM in your face (it's a "nice" [contemporary] story not a "naughty" [erotica] one)."

- Reviewer Veronica Knoll


"Nine Lights Over Edinburgh" by Harper Fox from His For The Holidays

"This standout of the anthology is well worth the read on its own. Fox draws characters that are magnificently realized, flawed and human even down to the most minor of background cast. What carries this story is the plot itself; nothing was forced into this story to make it fit into a genre or category. Each puzzle piece fits well, and the writing is full of action, suspense, character growth and realism. The protagonist is an alcoholic who is not sure where he fits into the world he inhabits. His ex-wife is strikingly real, not made into the token villain because of her position as his ex, and the hierarchy of the police force James works on will sound like a well-played song to anyone who has worked in a police or military organization." 

- Reviewer Victoria Frerichs


Want a few more e-book picks for Christmas vacation? Try Meg Benjamin's contemporary tale Brand New Me, R.G. Alexander's erotic paranormal My Demon Saint or Angie Fox's long awaited urban fantasy novel The Last of the Demon Slayers